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There was a cocktail party in my building last night. I drank and talked all night and fell on my face during impromptu salsa dancing... Good times! :)

And best of all, I feel totally fine, so I'll be spared some of those hideous hangover recipes that were being exchanged at some point.
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Ubersale in town means I now have the last three seasons of Buffy on my shelf and only had to pay for two of them! Whohoo! Must stop myself from going insane in the brain and picking up Firefly, SGA season 1 and er... the net? I don't even really want those! (well, I do, but I'll be *meh* about two of them in a months time) Its true what the Undutchables claims; Dutchees are total suckers for bargains. *sigh*

Stargate Atlantis is still awesome, though my rational mind knows that my love of the show is mostly because it's such a cool fandom and there is lot's of mpreg and kidfic and around this time of the month my hormones tend to insist I like that sort of thing.

Must focus on the back reading and writing I have to do!!! Must not get carried away by my current love of astrophysicists and forget about my own perfectly good geek! Linguistics is a totally acceptable scientific avenue, no matter what Rodney might say!
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Ah joy. The final days before my vacation to Hungary. Had two birthdays cramped in one day today, both of close friends I couldn't and didn't want to miss. 
Maybe next year I can somehow manipulate them to throw one big bash together, though I'd have to introduce them first or even try to match them up. Only one of them is actually gay, but they are both crazy cat people and M's been complaining about a dry spell... hmmm...

Boedapest here I come! I'll just have to pack my back tomorrow morning and then do my dishes and tend to my plants and then I'll be off to my folks, from where I'll be drive to the airport on sunday. It's past twelve here, so I guess it would be a good idea to sign of and go to bed.

Or I could work a little bit on my new journal title first... It's either gonna be awesome or crap. The judges are still out on that one.

Korilian signing off.

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With my new phone! Unlike all my girlfriends it's neither red, pink or purple and there are no flowery patterns to be found. Instead MY girly phone is the new LG, slIck, slim and black with shiny red buttons. It's so cooool!


Now onto something else. I've been playing with the thought of starting a webcomic. I've already found a free hosting site where quite a few comics are of a questionable quality, so I won't really stand out there.

Thing is. I'm well aware that my talents as an artist are limited. I'm not above posting here, but a webcomic is such a HUGE project and I don't have the best software for something like that! 

On the other hand I've got a really cute plotbunie that keeps begging me to play with it. Among other things it's come up with WW2 Brittish freedom fighters invading the future in a zeppelin... (allright, nabbed from Doc who, but Zeppelins are wicked)

I even considered just dropping the comic idea and just writing it as original fiction, only if I do, should it be in Dutch or ENglish?!?!

Anyone have any thougts on this?
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God I'm 23. Only 199 years left!!! (I intend to take that drug that allows you to live long and prosperous, with killer looks as soon as they market it. Gotta stick around for first contact... ;)

Birthday was vi boring (though the cake was good) and half my friends forgot about it. That's okay though. I'm always forgetting to. In fact, if you want me to remember any date, or the fact that vacation hasn't started yet, its best to remind me frequently in the final weeks, not to mention once more on the actual day. 

Sort atracks sort and all that. 

But still, 23. ANCIENT! Hope my memory doens't go...
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I was just forced to walk underneath no less then FOUR ladders!

It's a satanist conspiracy I tell ya!
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Allright! Just bought Four brothers for my brothers birthday (by the fragile system we have, me buying him a present, means I'll get a present in return. For the longest time I would just shove ten euros in his hand on his birthday and then ten days later, I would get the exact same ten euros back. Years I forget, mean I get nothing. So really, me buying him a DVD means I'm buying myself a present for my own birthday. Cold but effective) 

This year I really put some effort into it though, so I hope he likes it. Its got violence, hopefully a bit of humor, ghetto storytelling and last but not least, from everything I've heard, it's not complete crap! Fingers crossed.


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