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I'm thinking about starting a Miserable Childhood list for Sheppard, but the truth is that he just doesn't interest me that much, when he's not being paired off with Rodney. (there are some pearls out there... as in some of them are made from crap, but my GOD the ANGST).

Obviously I'm a total fangirl for Rodney.... Rooodney. Possibly even to the point where I'd actually like to meet the Hew in real life (and I never care for the actors! Just the characters), so I could throw him down and beg him to leave his wife... or not. I'd totally be willing to cheat on her for one perfect night. Er... hmm.
Both the Hew and the character he plays just tickle all my  soft spots.

A receding hairline (I have no excuse) and he strikes me as a very fun guy to be around! (The Hew, not Rodney, though Rodney has a GIANT brain, which I also find a turn on). The impression I get from the Hew is that he's sort of Rod like... only without the annoying sycophant issues. But of course my image of him is shaped by interviews and Con vids and let's face it. It's probably easy to come across as happy, smiling and go luckey, when you get to talk to legions of your doting fans.

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For those of you who haven't heard (like I'm ever anything but last to know, but whatever) Sanctuary is now playing.

The first completely online tv-show, featuring Amanda Tapping and as I was overjoyed to discover, DAVID HEWLETT! Once again playing the role he plays better then anyone I know.


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