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2010-03-04 09:33 am
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Tis a black day.
They voted the fascist into two city counsels (he only tried out for two). Not a big deal maybe, but this is the appetizer for the National elections and we're talking about a guy the Brits wouldn't even let into their country... Yeah.

So who is this guy anyway? He's been compared to Hitler (but who hasn't). Personally I don't think that comparison is fair (obviously he's much closer to Mussolini). But then again, ordnung troops ('unaffiliated' much like the SS...) have been threatening to throw in windows of people who dared to hang up posters for other parties...

His program pretty much consists off: "I hate fucking muslims. Don't you hate fucking Muslims? Let throw them all in jail, or out of the country or whatever." And obviously since women are the most visible part of the Muslim community, he's been striving to ban anyone wearing a headscarf out of public life, while preaching about the repression of women in Muslim culture....  Uhuh.

So people who voted/ are planning to vote for this fascist/sexist/fuck-wad.

What the fuck is wrong with you?!?
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2010-03-03 01:43 pm
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IT IS DONE! My essay is finally done! Sweet liberation! And now I can start on the next one *the sigh*.

Speaking of sighs; I went to see Nine yesterday. It was pretty awesome, until the tape broke and stopped the movie right in the middle of the final song. (Thank God for Internet pirates).

The cinema gave us free tickets though, so we got to see Percy Jackson as well. To the end even.
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2010-03-01 01:35 pm
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Hahaha. Can a newspaper comic be any greater then God giving Adam a handjob? I don't think so. (loosely translated to English by me)

This was spurred by the recent outrage, that pedophile priests have been allowed to hand out the holy communion for decades, while a openly gay catholic wasn't allowed to take part. Some people (and institutions) need to be a liiiitle more critical of themselves, before they go judging others.

On a happier note: 'Ugandan church leader brands anti-gay bill 'genocide'.

Read more... )After the cut for religious mockery )
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2010-02-28 01:48 pm
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Tis the season of horrible natural disasters. A friend of mine was in Santiago when the quake hit. Fortunately she's fine and the damage was limited where she's staying. But it's looking pretty grim down there.
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2010-02-27 11:05 am
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My new March resolution is to try not to let things get to me so much and to try to enjoy the good things in life more (Unless my country really does vote a fascist into office next June. Then all bets are off). This low grade hum of irritation and aggressiveness I've been harboring is seriously getting me down.

So positive: Made my first quiche yesterday. I kind of had to guess at the measurements, but it still turned out to be the most delicious quiche in the history of quiche.

Recepy: (for a small one person portion)
1 egg.
about a quarter liter of low fat milk
Half an eggplant
Half a Zucchini
A Quarter yellow bell pepper
Ham cuts.
Puff pastry

Mix the egg and milk and add some salt and pepper.
Stirfry the cut veggies in a bit of oil. Add some more salt and pepper and some dried Italian herbs.
But a puff pastry bottom in the oven dish. Toss in veggies. Pour out the milk/egg on top of it.
Bake for 35-45 minutes.
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2010-02-25 08:36 pm

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My [livejournal.com profile] trekreversebang  artwork is finally coming together. I'm really glad I didn't offer up my backup idea as a prompt. I had to pick between the one I thought would make the awesomest story and the one that would make the awesomest art.
Incidentally I will burn in hell for what I did to poor Uhura and Gaila.
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2010-02-16 12:11 pm
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Dutchies unite

For the Dutch people on my Flist.

There's a petition you can sign against finger print storage going on here. Please sign it if you vallue your privacy, since our government doesn't seem to vallue it at all.

A few years from now:
- Your fingerprints will be stored in a national database.
- Your government will be able to tell where you have traveled by Car (kilometer heffing), Train, Bus or Tram (OV chip).

On top of that they have shown an increasing lack of scruples:
- Monitoring our journalists.
- Illegally storing traffic photo's on the off change that you might do something sometime.
- We have become the leading country in the phone taps.

We are turning into a police state people!

Even if you trust our current leaders not to abuse their power, history has taught us that no system lasts forever.
Jew deportation in WW2 was extremely successful in the Netherlands because we kept such excellent records.
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2010-02-14 11:53 am
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God dammit! I just checked out the White Collar pilot. I liked the white collar pilot so I moved on to episode two. And then I realized the newly introduced sex bomb agent is there to replace the casually lesbian agent.

For the record. I'm not just pissed that they cut the gay/colored character (although I'm plenty pissed about that). I'm also pissed that they cut the professional female character who wasn't there just to flirt with the male lead.

Fuck you very much show.

Also spoiler )
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2010-02-12 10:34 pm
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Plot bunny up for adoption

I have a tendency to jealously hoard all my little plot bunnies, but let's face it. I lack the discipline of a proper writer and I already know I want to read this one more then I want to write it. So I'm offering a plot bunny up for adoption:

Arthur = Batman, the Dark Knight
Merlin = The last son of Krypton.

The rich playboy hero who swore to root out the evil that cost him his parents, (and likes to wear swishy capes). And the mysteriously super powered farm boy from Kansas Ealdor.

Nuff said. Any takers?
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2010-02-11 10:14 am
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Oh joyous occasion! After years of being insanely jealous of all the people who were getting away with this shit, I too have found the perfect pretext for writing a paper about fandom! Thank you boring communication history class!

I just hope I can find some lit for this.
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2010-02-03 03:43 pm
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Monday we were working through a family list where only one of about 14 kids managed to survive past 2 months. Today I get to transcribe the criminal record of an abortionist.

Paleografie = heavy shit.
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2010-01-31 11:39 am
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I don't know if everyone heard about the mudslides that closed of Machu Picchu from the outside world, stranding thousands. I'm a frankly baffled by the news reports I'm getting. There has been a lot of celebrating today because the last tourists have been evactuated. I hoped this was just an overly Western perspective in my paper, but Peruvian news seems to confirm that it's woman, children, and sickly people first... provided they're tourists... or can't pay a couple of hundred to get bumped up the evac list.

If you've never been there, you might not be aware of this, but underneath Machu Picchu is Aquas Calientes, or Machu Picchu town, It's basically a town whose entire economy is based on catering to the tourists. It's not huge, but there are, you know a couple hundred inhabitants at least. The only way to reach it is either a trail through the mountains (which takes 4 days on foot and isn't safe right now), or the train tracks that have been washed away. The only river isn't passable.

There have been reports that the prizes of food, water and shelter shot through the roof after all those poor tourists got stranded. Maybe the locals realized they would just be an afterthought to their own government...

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2010-01-29 09:50 pm
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I noticed a Yay women thing while perusing [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu 's LJ (who got it from here incidentally). 

So for my 'Yay women celebration I'll give you a rec, from the same journal (which is lazy like woah. I'll try to do better next time).
But really, this is an epic story that explores how Teyla grew up to be the awesome woman that she is, through her childhood, Atlantis and beyond (and yes the others are there too). A story that doesn't treat her as a long suffering warrior princess, but a woman, a leader and a trader. A story where she doesn't bugger off with Ronon while Rodney and John get into trouble. This is Teyla center stage and she's beautiful.

Teyla's story (or 'stars gather, dreams pour into your pillows') by [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu  : on her site or AO3 (what does that 3 stand for anyway?)
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2010-01-15 07:41 pm
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Rec: Allergy

Every now and then I come across a story that really deserve more attention then it's been getting. I'm aware my journal doesn't really get heavy traffic, but I'm going to rec away anyway.

Allergy by [livejournal.com profile] michelle72  features a Rodney who suffers from... guess. That's right, Allergies. Horrible allergies that turn him into an ogre, and practically drive his friends to murder. There is blink or you'll miss it McKeller (which I understand a lot of other people are highly allergic to), but please don't let that keep you away. Just swallow some antihistamines and go read!
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2010-01-15 12:30 pm
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Help haiti

There are loads of really talented artists already, but just on the off chance someone has been desperate for some of my fanart, you can buy some for Haiti here.

I'm offering a high res colored piece of digital drawing, Fandoms: SGA, Merlin, New Who, HP or Disney to your specifications.
Biddings starts at $10.

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2010-01-14 11:16 pm
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SGA fairytales

So there have been a lot of SGA fairytale AU's, and I can't remember reading one that wasn't awesome. But when you get right down to it, what fairytale do you guys think, really fit the SGA characters? And how would having them in it actually affect the story?

I'm thinking Teyla would make an awesome little red riding hood (and not just cuz she would super cute in the cape). If we take it as a cautionary tale of man against the dangers of the wild,  who would be better prepared to meet them then Teyla who has spend most of her life as a nomadic forest dweller, always aware that the big bad wolf could be behind the tree?

Ronon...  Maybe Beauty and the beast. A civilized man, turned savage by a curse. Only Beauty was dead before he even hit the ground running.

Rodney, either princess on the pea or puss in boots :).


The whole expedition could be Hansel and Gretel. Left in the wild by careless parents (S1 at least).

Any thoughts?
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2010-01-07 07:58 pm
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REC:Robot Rodney

I actually recced this a couple of weeks ago, but took it down when [livejournal.com profile] alex51324  told me it wasn't the final version yet. Well the final version is up and awesome, so go read Robot Rodney!

I've noticed that when it comes to robotizing characters, John and Cam seem to be the obvious choice. (John because he's emotionally stilted enough to be a machine, and Cam because he's too cornbread handsome to be anything but a factory model).
But really Rodney makes the bestest Robot ever!

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2010-01-01 09:20 pm
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Doctor Who

Let's all take a moment to mourn Ten.

Wee discussion after cut )
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2009-12-30 02:33 pm
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It is like I've always suspected; God is on-line.
I was just in the middle of posting a sob story how my new years plans had fallen through, and how I wasn't in the mood for any of the cheesy parties I could potentially go to, when a friend called to ask if he could join me. 

Good food, booze, movies, and never having to set a foot outside. We have a go.
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2009-12-29 11:14 am
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*head desk*

An Islamic country is trying to reclaim its cultural heritage, starting with the relics of a Catholic Saint...
Sure that's going to happen.

Why didn't they start with something small, like the 'Horses of Saint Mark' in Venice? Although I imagine they'll have to go through a knuckle match with Belusconi  for it.