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Hahaha. Can a newspaper comic be any greater then God giving Adam a handjob? I don't think so. (loosely translated to English by me)

This was spurred by the recent outrage, that pedophile priests have been allowed to hand out the holy communion for decades, while a openly gay catholic wasn't allowed to take part. Some people (and institutions) need to be a liiiitle more critical of themselves, before they go judging others.

On a happier note: 'Ugandan church leader brands anti-gay bill 'genocide'.

Read more... )After the cut for religious mockery )
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Freedom of religion is more important then the freedom to sleep in on Sunday morning...  The courts decided you totally get to piss all over the legal noise restrictions at 7.00 in the morning as long as there are church bells involved.

Mind we're talking about a Christian church. Somehow I doubt that freedom of religion would hold up if a nearby Mosque tried sending their muezzin up the minarets with a loudspeaker. 

Dear government, I get that religion is kind of a hot item right now, with all those scary Muslims around, but could you please tone down  ramming your Jewish/Christian identity down my throat?!? I don't have a Jewish/Christian heritage! I come from a long line of commies and socialists. Get my grannie talking about the pope and all you get are swears. Bonifatius in Dokkum? THOSE were MY ancestors!

Here's a heritage for you: Secularity!

Wow, The Hague's been pissing me of more then I realized
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OH MY G... actually that one isn't really appropriate for the subject matter.

I thought the Out There comic was Christian propaganda (I'm sorry, I mean a comic suitable for Christian youth). But no, the real deal can be found at Chicks publications: publishing Gospel literture for 40 years!

Clicky, clicky, it has out takes.

For a special discount you can get 19 comics, teaching you which bible hasn't been tampered with by Satan. That playing D&D will teach you real magic (which is clearly awesome). That evolution is a filthy lie!  And just what those druid priests are planning with their armies of witches and politicians (undermine Christians with rock music, in case you were wondering. You better burn those records!). 

I especially love how they called their hero's the crusaders. Now there's a pair of fine men to have around when you get possessed. 

My favourite: the KGB prostitute that finds Christ. Sure she ends up in a Gulag, but they'll see her in heaven.

MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN SAVED BY READING THESE BOOKS! I kid you not. Now excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth a little.


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