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IT IS DONE! My essay is finally done! Sweet liberation! And now I can start on the next one *the sigh*.

Speaking of sighs; I went to see Nine yesterday. It was pretty awesome, until the tape broke and stopped the movie right in the middle of the final song. (Thank God for Internet pirates).

The cinema gave us free tickets though, so we got to see Percy Jackson as well. To the end even.
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Tis the season of horrible natural disasters. A friend of mine was in Santiago when the quake hit. Fortunately she's fine and the damage was limited where she's staying. But it's looking pretty grim down there.

Help haiti

Jan. 15th, 2010 12:30 pm
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There are loads of really talented artists already, but just on the off chance someone has been desperate for some of my fanart, you can buy some for Haiti here.

I'm offering a high res colored piece of digital drawing, Fandoms: SGA, Merlin, New Who, HP or Disney to your specifications.
Biddings starts at $10.

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It is like I've always suspected; God is on-line.
I was just in the middle of posting a sob story how my new years plans had fallen through, and how I wasn't in the mood for any of the cheesy parties I could potentially go to, when a friend called to ask if he could join me. 

Good food, booze, movies, and never having to set a foot outside. We have a go.
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An Islamic country is trying to reclaim its cultural heritage, starting with the relics of a Catholic Saint...
Sure that's going to happen.

Why didn't they start with something small, like the 'Horses of Saint Mark' in Venice? Although I imagine they'll have to go through a knuckle match with Belusconi  for it.
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LOUD party going on over my head. It's a pain but mostly it hurts me one some deep level, that the drunken party music of my generation is made up by Macarena, Mambo number five, I've got the key, and most disturbing, assorted Happy hardcore.

And yes, I too have known the drunken nights were me and my friends hunted down these classics from our youth.
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Is there anything more embarrassing then rearranging your Music collection and being confronted with the utter dregs?

Dido? The Cors? Really? (I recall buying the last one because I didn't realize Dreams was a cover. I can't decide if that makes it better or worse).

Also Fuck you Gwen Stefani with your lame Eurovision pop. Putting the same hideous song on a CD twice doesn't a bonus track make.
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A wee poll;

Going out of your way to replace the elastic on a single piece of elderly panties is:

a) Pathetic
b)  way to be enviromentally concious. Go you!

With of course the understanding that these are glow in the dark panties with a pink skull and bones pattern OMG!

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Dude, stop calling me! I've been screening your calls for the last two weeks! (Yes I'm an asshole) But I'm careening with school related stress. I can't deal with anything right now. I don't want to deal with you. So show some self respect and LEAVE ME ALONE!
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I had two birth marks removed this week, by a charming process called shaving. Right now it looks like someone doused a cigarette on my boob. If anyone ever asks, that's totally the story I'll be sticking with (this story will also involve spy shennanigans and a ruggedly handsome Brit, incidentally).

Also: 15 year old who cries over being horribly disfigured by a little birthmark. GET A LIFE! I still have a scar the size of a babies fist on my ass, from the last melanoma scare. Do you see me crying about it? No! Because no one cares as much about your body, as you do.
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Congratulations Norway! I didn't watch out of general aggressive feelings towards Russia and their gay bashing government, but it's a cute song.

EDIT: Wow, this song really does stick in an incredible way.
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I've been suffering from a nasty bitter taste in my mouth, that makes even the most delicious of foods seem gross, for a week now. Naturally my first thought was: CANCER. But as it turns out this is a well known phenomenon that is caused by eating Chinese pine nuts... which I kept doing until yesterday. And the messed up taste thing can last up to 2 weeks. Thank you China. Feel free to stop sending us crap products now. 

But seriously; We castrate little piglets en masse without tranquilizers, because some of them might smell bad, but this shit makes the shelves of my supermarket? No wonder PETA is so pissed all the time.
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It's interesting, lately whenever I go googling for stuff like gayness, feminism or whatnot I end up on this Dutch/Maroccan forum.
While a lot (but not all of them) tend to be awfully conservative from my point of view I find it interesting to see how they try to fit Dutch society with Islam. We talk so much about muslims, but we rarely listen, unless it's the extremists talking.
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I was reading about parents that don't realize their 12 year old is chatting with pedophiles and I wondered if our generation would be better prepared to keep our children safe. At the very least we're far more Internet savvy then our own parents. I know how to check the browser history at any rate. I know about passwords. Hell I even know about keystroke logging (although that might be crossing the line between protection and privacy).

It also got me wondering about my own experiences. Did I see stuff I wasn't ready to see? Probably not, but those were different times. I didn't really get into the interwebz until I was 16 and I mostly used it to look up Buffy stuff (although there was one incident in a sex chatroom a couple of years before that, which was terribly exiting. Not unlike making prank calls to sex lines. I wonder if they warned parents about that :)

My first forays into Fandom was Buffy. It took me a while longer to discover this thing called fanfiction and some time longer I'm sure, to discover slash. I didn't start reading Xanderfic (which is mostly porn or worse; mysogonic crap) until season 4, which made me about ninteen anyhow.
My sister was a neo hippy with gay friends and my parents are wonderfully liberal, so all that had been part of my accepted World view since I was thirteen. It looks like I reached adulthood, innocence firmly intact (and quite probably a lot more innocent then most kids that age).

Did fanfiction skew my views on sexuality? I think it did, but mostly it made me more open minded about sex and relationships (especially Glt), without actually making me want to try out all of it for myself. (I won't be doing no sado scenes, unless I'm the one holding the whip ;)

Did fanfiction make me bi? Well, if it did, thats alright. I suspect my underlying distrust of men has more to do with the extremely volitile relationship I had with my brother growing up though.

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Driver kills four in attack on Dutch royal family at public parade

God. I don't have words.At least it looks like the royal family didn't have the kids with them, (but there must have been countless of children in the crowd).

Edit: Three of the injured are children.

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So here  am wearing my cute little designer outfit (how can I afford designer clothes you ask? I can't. I get to wear them for work. Whee!). I think the pen stripes on MY FACE might spoil the effect a little though. *head desk*

First Intensive Spanish lesson this week. It's fun (so far). We get taught some basic Spanish and are then expected to speak it for three hours straight.

On the General criminal badass fic front: SG1 has only just arrived in Pegasus and I'm already getting stuck on things I'll have to rewrite. I think it might be best to just wrestle on and write the rest of the fic like It's already been fixed. If I don't I'll get stuck writing endless versions and never make the deadline... hell, it'll never get posted. I wish I could shut off my damn brain sometimes.
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I'm in the running for a six month volunteering gig in Peru or Guatemala. I'll hear by the end of the week either way. At this point I honestly don't know what's scarier. Being rejected or actually having to go!

Missed the train last night, so I got to spend a wonderful half hour hanging around central station, sipping cocoa and gawking at everybody. 
High light: The old guy in the air force officer jacket, playing with a JOJO. Jack O'Neill lives! 

People are fun.
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I'm thinking about starting a Miserable Childhood list for Sheppard, but the truth is that he just doesn't interest me that much, when he's not being paired off with Rodney. (there are some pearls out there... as in some of them are made from crap, but my GOD the ANGST).

Obviously I'm a total fangirl for Rodney.... Rooodney. Possibly even to the point where I'd actually like to meet the Hew in real life (and I never care for the actors! Just the characters), so I could throw him down and beg him to leave his wife... or not. I'd totally be willing to cheat on her for one perfect night. Er... hmm.
Both the Hew and the character he plays just tickle all my  soft spots.

A receding hairline (I have no excuse) and he strikes me as a very fun guy to be around! (The Hew, not Rodney, though Rodney has a GIANT brain, which I also find a turn on). The impression I get from the Hew is that he's sort of Rod like... only without the annoying sycophant issues. But of course my image of him is shaped by interviews and Con vids and let's face it. It's probably easy to come across as happy, smiling and go luckey, when you get to talk to legions of your doting fans.

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And the station's site totally crashed because of all the people trying to watch them on web cam! I wanna seeeee! 

Please post cast this! the A-team rules!

Hee. This is the worst interview ever! It's just the A-team goofing with each other while the DJ giggles like an infatuated fan boy in the background! *LOVE**LOVE*LOVE* THE A-TEAM! 
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Came home today and found out that my folks prominently hung the abstract painting thingy I did at a fair workshop a while back, next to their real art... 

My sister: "I love the color sceme you chose."
Me: "Actually, those were the only colors they had." 
My sister: "... "
Me: *considers what she just said. Kicks herself in the head* 

I have friends in art school who haven't even made their parents wall and they framed it and everything! Aaaaw.


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