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I don't know if everyone heard about the mudslides that closed of Machu Picchu from the outside world, stranding thousands. I'm a frankly baffled by the news reports I'm getting. There has been a lot of celebrating today because the last tourists have been evactuated. I hoped this was just an overly Western perspective in my paper, but Peruvian news seems to confirm that it's woman, children, and sickly people first... provided they're tourists... or can't pay a couple of hundred to get bumped up the evac list.

If you've never been there, you might not be aware of this, but underneath Machu Picchu is Aquas Calientes, or Machu Picchu town, It's basically a town whose entire economy is based on catering to the tourists. It's not huge, but there are, you know a couple hundred inhabitants at least. The only way to reach it is either a trail through the mountains (which takes 4 days on foot and isn't safe right now), or the train tracks that have been washed away. The only river isn't passable.

There have been reports that the prizes of food, water and shelter shot through the roof after all those poor tourists got stranded. Maybe the locals realized they would just be an afterthought to their own government...

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Someone posted a vital lifequestion the other day: Are you a ninja, or a pirate. Seeing how I bought all four seasons of SGA (and I´m pretty sure 4 isn´t even supposed to be out yet!), season 2 of Life on Mars and just for shits and giggles, the new Indiana Jones on DVD for under 20 euros, I guess I´m a pirate...

In my defense. I´ve been living in Peru for 5 months now and I genuinly don´t think they HAVE legal copies! 

Still: 20 euros. I could barely get three flicks from the bargain bin for that back home, let alone a boxset. Hmmm boxset.

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Less then a day before I leave for Peru. Hope everything goes smoothly (and sorry I lied. I probably won't be finishing the gangbang au any time soon). 

Things I'll have to go without:

- My daily Internet fix
- Fanfiction in large quantities (I loaded up my ipod with podfic... don't judge me!)
- Friends and Family (..wait, they're my third consideration!?!? That's fucked up! ;)
- Long, luxurious showers.
- Central heating
- Most of my clothes (I send half of wardrobe off to charity and it's still piling from my closet. All those clothes and nothing to wear)
- SGA, Heroes and Avatar when they start again (who knows. Maybe they have nerds in Cusco as well)
- Buttermilk (that's a biggie. I live on the stuff!)
- Being able to communicate properly with people.

Things I'll gain:
- New interesting people
- New culture
- New Language
- And hey, they have cinema in English. Whooo!

To all you Atlanta folk. This time tomorrow I'll be skulking in your backyard...
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It's about time to decide on a travel blog. I'm conflicted though. I want to be able to post pics, rant about my day and most importantly  be able to RESPOND directly to the messages my friends and family leave me! This last one especially seems to be a problem. Basically I want it to be LJ only for travelers... 

Does anyone have any pointers?
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About five more weeks before I take off for Peru. Got my ticket, vaccinations, insurance, travel guide. Finished the Spanish course and found a guy to take over my room for six months. So I guess now I get to ponder on the really important stuff.

Do I take my ipod?

The idea of taking my favorite music appeals to me. And then there's the fact that I could load up podfic to help me past my fanfic cravings. And did I just reveal myself as the horrible addict I am?
Seriously though, Retrograde AND written by the victors have been podficced!  I suppose if it gets stolen, it would be a wonderful excuse to buy a newer model...


Nov. 16th, 2007 11:14 am
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Me: "Hi, is this where I register for vaccinations?"
Lady: "Vaccinations?"
Me: "I'm going to South America."
Lady: "No, no, this is the line for STD testing. Go around the corner."

Fortunately my line was a LOT shorter!

So I got my first three shots today. They warned that there might be side effects. My sense of dramatic flair instantly insisted I faint in the waiting room... I didn't. Sometimes I think my sense of drama must have been a bodice ripper in a past life.

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I did it! I passed my interview and coming January I'll be starting my six month stay in Cusco, Peru!

The elation is totally overwhelming my residual terror!
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I'm in the running for a six month volunteering gig in Peru or Guatemala. I'll hear by the end of the week either way. At this point I honestly don't know what's scarier. Being rejected or actually having to go!

Missed the train last night, so I got to spend a wonderful half hour hanging around central station, sipping cocoa and gawking at everybody. 
High light: The old guy in the air force officer jacket, playing with a JOJO. Jack O'Neill lives! 

People are fun.


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