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Oh joyous occasion! After years of being insanely jealous of all the people who were getting away with this shit, I too have found the perfect pretext for writing a paper about fandom! Thank you boring communication history class!

I just hope I can find some lit for this.
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Damn it! My University library just lost a whole pile of my requested books. This sucks because I needed those for a paper that's due next thuesday!

I should have gotten them on monday, which would have given me the whole week to finish the thing. Instead I didn't get to do anything but sit on my ever expanding ass all week, waiting for the library to come through.

So today I found out that they've not only not found them, they haven't actually started looking for them! If I finished it, I'd be done for the year and could just go and enjoy my vacation. Guess what I'll be doing though.

The library has sucked for ages now! I've been getting fines for books I just got, while other books I loaned at the same time suddenly had an experation date of three months! It also doesn't feel me with confidence that at least two of the books, that were supposed to be waiting for me according to the computer, have in fact been lying at my place for weeks! And one of those, as it turned out is one ot those rare, antique editions that's not even allowed to leave the building!!! 

What's the point of getting new people if you're not gonna train them properly!

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Someone on my byzantine group was just totally mean to me over acedemics! I think that could have been my first karuffle if I could have been bothered to scream back (settled for a little snide remark at the of my reply)

Excuse me if I'm a little to brain dead after days spend behind my computer surrounded by books, typing out pages of historical report, to give an in depth, all angles covered description of the bloody thing on my bloody blog!!! Sheesh. How dare he accuse me of not looking at all angels without knowing a damn thing about it! 

I bloody go to the University! I'd practically be a straight A student if we A's and crap!

Okay, now I'm ready for a karruffle! 

And also, now I'm worrying that my tone might be to optimistic and I'm not allowed the pages to elaborate further and now I need a bloody proofreader! (this isn't me asking for volunteers. It's in Dutch ;)
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Yay. Finally finished my report on Turkey's christian heritage, which was fun because I obviously got to toss some Byzantine history and the crusades in there, but awfull because it was only supposed to be a little thing and I had to struggle to keep it small and not put all the cool facts in there.
And I'm still not sure wether or not I should put some mention of the ''genocide' of the orthodox Armenians in it, since my whole point was that christians cooexisted reasonably well and you know... genocide! 

Didn't ad it because that was more a political thing and about nationalism, but won't it seem really one sided if I make no mention of it? Anyone have thoughts on that?
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Allright! Two reports done, one to go! And then I'll be able to enjoy my weekend hiking in Luxembourg. Whee!

In other news; don't suppose anyone knows the places to be in Boedapest?


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