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Tis a black day.
They voted the fascist into two city counsels (he only tried out for two). Not a big deal maybe, but this is the appetizer for the National elections and we're talking about a guy the Brits wouldn't even let into their country... Yeah.

So who is this guy anyway? He's been compared to Hitler (but who hasn't). Personally I don't think that comparison is fair (obviously he's much closer to Mussolini). But then again, ordnung troops ('unaffiliated' much like the SS...) have been threatening to throw in windows of people who dared to hang up posters for other parties...

His program pretty much consists off: "I hate fucking muslims. Don't you hate fucking Muslims? Let throw them all in jail, or out of the country or whatever." And obviously since women are the most visible part of the Muslim community, he's been striving to ban anyone wearing a headscarf out of public life, while preaching about the repression of women in Muslim culture....  Uhuh.

So people who voted/ are planning to vote for this fascist/sexist/fuck-wad.

What the fuck is wrong with you?!?


Sep. 6th, 2008 03:44 pm
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American politics just got a little more interesting again.

Now there's Palin. Big strong woman in politics, that definitely managed to charm me a bit, but whom to my great horror is pro-life. Now I'll freely admit that I admire her for sticking with her beliefs when she had to face that choice herself, but the thing is: Will she now get to make that choice for other women too? How much power does a VP have anyway? How far do her views on this go or McCains for that matter?

A pro-life friend stated that a pro-choice VP would be just as upsetting for a lot of pro-life women as Palin is to me right now. But the thing is: Under no circumstance could a pro-choice politician make me give up my baby. That choice is mine. A pro-life politician on the other hand WANTS to take that choice away from me! Now honestly I don't know if I would have an abortion if I got pregnant at this point. Probably not. But that doesn't mean I'll give up my right to choose!

You could argue that this isn't my problem, since I'm not American, but here's to a little solidarity amongst women.

Discusion welcome as long as it's civil. Otherwise I'll be closing this one down.
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Freedom of religion is more important then the freedom to sleep in on Sunday morning...  The courts decided you totally get to piss all over the legal noise restrictions at 7.00 in the morning as long as there are church bells involved.

Mind we're talking about a Christian church. Somehow I doubt that freedom of religion would hold up if a nearby Mosque tried sending their muezzin up the minarets with a loudspeaker. 

Dear government, I get that religion is kind of a hot item right now, with all those scary Muslims around, but could you please tone down  ramming your Jewish/Christian identity down my throat?!? I don't have a Jewish/Christian heritage! I come from a long line of commies and socialists. Get my grannie talking about the pope and all you get are swears. Bonifatius in Dokkum? THOSE were MY ancestors!

Here's a heritage for you: Secularity!

Wow, The Hague's been pissing me of more then I realized
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OMG!  The council for equal treatment has ruled that it was wrong  of a city council not to hire someone just because he;
a) wouldn't shake hands with women.
b) wore obviously religious garments.

Give me a break! It's a civil service job with a dresscode! So now everyone has to wear suites expect when you're really, really religious, cuz gosh, then you can just wear whatever the hell you want!

And the irony of this guy going to the council for equel treatment when he was rejected for not treating women equally doesn't escape me either. 

Goverment and religion is still seperated in this country and shaking hands really is an expected part of the job this guy was aplying to! And quite frankly, I don't trust someone who thinks I'm to beneath him to touch my damn hand, to consider me worth the effort to properly help me. 

Just seriously! Reality check! I don't care what people believe on their own time, but don't go whining when the they won't give you the one job where religions legally has not place!
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OMG! Verdonk crashed the cabinet!!! Well, really it was a motion of distrust aimed at her *cheers abound*, followed by general pissyness and then the CRASHING OF OUR CABINET! 

I didn't even know there was a crisis!!!!

That's Balkenende's second fallen cabinet in as many elections! Yikes. Maybe another primeminister next time? Just a thought? 

Ah crap. That means I'll have to vote again! Your higness, feel free to step in and take control. Democracy's over rated.
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My government decided it might be a good idea to spend a couple of billions on 40 long distance nuclear missiles... er? What? Other then the grand waste of money, who the hell are we supposed to sick em at?

- France not keeping to the agreed EU economic quota's? *BAM*

- Osama Bin Laden shows up in Afghanistan again? *BAM*

- Muslim teens in Amsterdam try to mess up the war memorial again this year? *BAM!* (hey wait, they can't do that. I live there!)

Right. I think it's safe to say that we all agree there is absolutely no situation short of the final blaze from WW3, when we add our bombs to the World ending volleys out of mere spite, where we could possibly need to nuke someone.

We aren't at war.

If we were at war we'd probably have the whole of Europe backing us up. And maybe Bush cuz he's just gungho that way. And anyway, the greatest threat of our time is terrorist and it's not like they have a country. And even if they did, there hasn't been an enemy nuked since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Wasn't a good idea then either now was it?

So Uncle Bush; Seeing how my leader is your lapdog, aren't we breaking some kind of international agreement? The one on common sense, signed at Jalta or something? (oh wait, isn't that the one were they gave Staling eastern Europe. Can't be that one...)

Isn't this usually the point where you invoke God on national television and sort of cough, "Evil" "Empire" in our direction. Seriously. We won't take offense. There aren't that many Christians here anyways.

Just a few more years and then I can immigrate. Maybe head to Sweden. They seem to have a brain there...

In other news has anyone seen the Global frequency pilot yet? I'm downloading it now. It's taking forever. Super speedy connection my arse.


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