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I have a tendency to jealously hoard all my little plot bunnies, but let's face it. I lack the discipline of a proper writer and I already know I want to read this one more then I want to write it. So I'm offering a plot bunny up for adoption:

Arthur = Batman, the Dark Knight
Merlin = The last son of Krypton.

The rich playboy hero who swore to root out the evil that cost him his parents, (and likes to wear swishy capes). And the mysteriously super powered farm boy from Kansas Ealdor.

Nuff said. Any takers?
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Christ my whole life is a WIP. But I've got a folder full of half written stories and scenes and some of these could be so very, very good, if I could put on paper what I see in my head. Here are the ones I'm most dedicated to finishing at some nebulous point in time.

WIP lines )
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God what is it with me and underwear lately.

I'm working on a full frontal Merlin nudity art piece.
Should I go for bush or a little roman style pair of undies (with the understanding that I'm a prude). I like the Roman angle, since I now firmly hold that Gwen is a descendant of a Roman centurion.
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The Beeb actually managed to turn something out that's even gayer then Merlin. I just haven't quite decided yet if it's as charming as Merlin.

We've got the tough soldier that turned into a metro-sexual the instant someone started sucking his neck (vampire peer pressure is killer)
The geeky werewolf that wanders around naked, throwing longing glances at him and crying when he finds out his buddy tapped some girl.
And of course the pretty young girl that lives with them. But to make sure we're getting the message loud and clear, they can't actually touch her, cuz she's a ghost.

I hear you Beeb.

BBC's five gayest couples:
Robin Hood/Mulch (I firmly believe they were doing it in the holy lands. Poor Mulch knew such happiness until that harlot Marion came betwixt them)
Doctor/Tardis (although.... I kind of think the Tardis is female. We're gonna need a vote on that one)

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God so frustrating! I've finished the general art setup for one of my chosen assignments from the Gay Yenta Dragon challenge (Merlin Big Bang people!). It even turned out pretty much how I was imagining (rare that), but I won't be able to finish the pivotal bit, because I need more info on the fic! And that probably won't be for AGES! *snif*

Fun though.

I'm also having a stab at a fic. If I pull this off, it'll be the most complex thing i've ever written. The first 5000 words practically wrote themselves, but this is where the real work begins. *gulp*

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Remember when I said that "what Merlin really needs, is some really nasty, angsty, dark Uther/Merlin. Preferably noncon?"

I'm writing it. *head desk*. I'm only 5 pages in, but I can tell that it could be epic if I'm not careful. Already I'm planting red herrings and struggling to keep the ANGST from spinning wildly into Uther/Merlin shipping. What would we call that anyway? Utherlin? Merther? (I like that last one, but it's to easily confused with Merlin/Arthur).
Seriously though, I have to keep this bitch under control, before I have the boys riding out of Camelot on a dragon, ala HP.
The only reason I'm so productive is because I REALLY need to be studying for a monster test on monday. *gulp*

Anyway, I should have the first big part done sometime next week maybe if someone would be willing to proofread and bounce ideas with me?


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