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Monday we were working through a family list where only one of about 14 kids managed to survive past 2 months. Today I get to transcribe the criminal record of an abortionist.

Paleografie = heavy shit.
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An Islamic country is trying to reclaim its cultural heritage, starting with the relics of a Catholic Saint...
Sure that's going to happen.

Why didn't they start with something small, like the 'Horses of Saint Mark' in Venice? Although I imagine they'll have to go through a knuckle match with Belusconi  for it.


Oct. 16th, 2009 02:14 pm
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Reading the Meek, I started wondering about the full names and titles of our Queen Beatrix.  As it turns out one of her names, is the unfortunately chosen Armgard (Isn't that a part of Arthur's battle armour?), named after her even more unfortunately named grandmother:

Armgard Kunigunde Alharda Agnes Oda von Cram.

Isn't genealogy fun?

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I bought a pile of newspapers from 1953 for 5 euros on the free market (a lot of doubles sadly, but I can think of a few people I can make happy with a historical paper). They're mostly about a massive flooding in Holland back in the day, that killed a lot of people, so that's probably not in everyone's field of interest.

On one front page though, there's a piece stating that the Rosenberg's appeal has been denied and that they'll be executed next week. On the other side is a column ranting about those fucking commies trying to use the flooding for their Ruski propaganda. 

This was the best buy ever!

In other news: I can't wait to download the new Heroes. I saw the trailer. Looks like it'll be the coolest yet!

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Today's paper says that there are plans to turn the monastery in my old hometown into a hotel/ restaurant/ art gallery/ park, which I'm not overly concerned about, because the council is really strict about preserving the architecture and we're a bit snobbishly rich so I'm sure it'll be tasteful.

There are two points that left me worried though.
A) What's gonna happen to the nuns? There hasn't been any new blood in years, so I suppose the ones that haven't gone to heaven will end up in a retirement home...?

B) There's talk of using the chapel as some sort of spiritualistic spa-ish thing with a medium and stuff...
Er? What? Could we just put a big honking line through that little plan?!?! Not that I'm against mediums and all, but it's a monastery for Christ sake! Could we just leave the chapel as a little aside room for the mostly catholic populance and preserve just a smidgen of the past! 

In other news; I guess I won't be taking that book on the Dead sea scrolls with me on holiday, cuz not even the doc who finale is gonna stop me from finishing it tonight!


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