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I noticed a Yay women thing while perusing [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu 's LJ (who got it from here incidentally). 

So for my 'Yay women celebration I'll give you a rec, from the same journal (which is lazy like woah. I'll try to do better next time).
But really, this is an epic story that explores how Teyla grew up to be the awesome woman that she is, through her childhood, Atlantis and beyond (and yes the others are there too). A story that doesn't treat her as a long suffering warrior princess, but a woman, a leader and a trader. A story where she doesn't bugger off with Ronon while Rodney and John get into trouble. This is Teyla center stage and she's beautiful.

Teyla's story (or 'stars gather, dreams pour into your pillows') by [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu  : on her site or AO3 (what does that 3 stand for anyway?)
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Every now and then I come across a story that really deserve more attention then it's been getting. I'm aware my journal doesn't really get heavy traffic, but I'm going to rec away anyway.

Allergy by [livejournal.com profile] michelle72  features a Rodney who suffers from... guess. That's right, Allergies. Horrible allergies that turn him into an ogre, and practically drive his friends to murder. There is blink or you'll miss it McKeller (which I understand a lot of other people are highly allergic to), but please don't let that keep you away. Just swallow some antihistamines and go read!
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I actually recced this a couple of weeks ago, but took it down when [livejournal.com profile] alex51324  told me it wasn't the final version yet. Well the final version is up and awesome, so go read Robot Rodney!

I've noticed that when it comes to robotizing characters, John and Cam seem to be the obvious choice. (John because he's emotionally stilted enough to be a machine, and Cam because he's too cornbread handsome to be anything but a factory model).
But really Rodney makes the bestest Robot ever!

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Not another screaming match! I thought those freaks broke up days ago! I certainly sounded like it (I could follow their argument word for word, despite the fact that the live TWO FLOORS DOWN!)

Onto something else, I just stumbled over a new tentacle fic on Wraithbait. Tentacle penises growing out of Rodney's side to be exact (Of course this is a big turn on for John. The freak!). 
Somehow tentacle porn just sneaked its way into my little list of favourites amongst all the crack out there. Vile, yet always oddly hilarious. I haven't actually gotten to the good parts yet, but I figured I'd rec in in advance. 


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