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I noticed a Yay women thing while perusing [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu 's LJ (who got it from here incidentally). 

So for my 'Yay women celebration I'll give you a rec, from the same journal (which is lazy like woah. I'll try to do better next time).
But really, this is an epic story that explores how Teyla grew up to be the awesome woman that she is, through her childhood, Atlantis and beyond (and yes the others are there too). A story that doesn't treat her as a long suffering warrior princess, but a woman, a leader and a trader. A story where she doesn't bugger off with Ronon while Rodney and John get into trouble. This is Teyla center stage and she's beautiful.

Teyla's story (or 'stars gather, dreams pour into your pillows') by [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu  : on her site or AO3 (what does that 3 stand for anyway?)
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Every now and then I come across a story that really deserve more attention then it's been getting. I'm aware my journal doesn't really get heavy traffic, but I'm going to rec away anyway.

Allergy by [livejournal.com profile] michelle72  features a Rodney who suffers from... guess. That's right, Allergies. Horrible allergies that turn him into an ogre, and practically drive his friends to murder. There is blink or you'll miss it McKeller (which I understand a lot of other people are highly allergic to), but please don't let that keep you away. Just swallow some antihistamines and go read!
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So there have been a lot of SGA fairytale AU's, and I can't remember reading one that wasn't awesome. But when you get right down to it, what fairytale do you guys think, really fit the SGA characters? And how would having them in it actually affect the story?

I'm thinking Teyla would make an awesome little red riding hood (and not just cuz she would super cute in the cape). If we take it as a cautionary tale of man against the dangers of the wild,  who would be better prepared to meet them then Teyla who has spend most of her life as a nomadic forest dweller, always aware that the big bad wolf could be behind the tree?

Ronon...  Maybe Beauty and the beast. A civilized man, turned savage by a curse. Only Beauty was dead before he even hit the ground running.

Rodney, either princess on the pea or puss in boots :).


The whole expedition could be Hansel and Gretel. Left in the wild by careless parents (S1 at least).

Any thoughts?
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I actually recced this a couple of weeks ago, but took it down when [livejournal.com profile] alex51324  told me it wasn't the final version yet. Well the final version is up and awesome, so go read Robot Rodney!

I've noticed that when it comes to robotizing characters, John and Cam seem to be the obvious choice. (John because he's emotionally stilted enough to be a machine, and Cam because he's too cornbread handsome to be anything but a factory model).
But really Rodney makes the bestest Robot ever!

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I'm not really in favor of 'don't say anything if you can't say anything nice', in regards to feedback, (although I do think that if what you're going to say is the equivalent of 'you suck ass', without giving any critical feedback, you might want to consider not commenting at all).

Sending someone only this link as feedback made me head desk though, because it's not even relevant to the story! The first scene is from the POV of a character with amnesia who's using mental epithets for the people who's name he doesn't remember. After the introductions no more epitaths are used as far as I can tell.

So really. Someone gave up half a scene into a 80.000 word fic, but took the time to leave a kind of dickish feedback? Anonymously?
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Big Bang submitted. Done and Done. The site was acting up and not letting me update for some extra last minute anxiety (though I bet it was a thousand times worse for the mods), but I actually ended up finishing an extra piece that I'd given up on. I think I might like it best of all, even if that one wonky line is already starting to give me heart burn.


Oct. 29th, 2009 01:24 pm
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So uhm... what's an abstract? In the fanart sense?

SGA big bang is driving me to despair. I've got one scene art piece done and I'm fairly happy about it (today at any rate). But it only touches on like 1% percent of the story (seriously so much going on!). I want to do something coverish for my second piece. I've got several ideas in wip stage and I want to run with one of them, but time is running out and I need to decide which one I can do in the (OMG so) little time that is left.
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There's been a lot of discussion on Brain storm, and how much better it would have been if only John had gone instead of Jennifer...

But just picture for a moment: What if Ronon had gone instead?

Comedy Gold!

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I finally found a good picture that lets you see Jason's Mamoa's face after getting bottle slashed. 
He's got a scar, but it doesn't look that bad. Nothing make-up can't cover. I was a little worried about his career since I couldn't really tell from IMDB if his latest acting jobs were before or after the attack.

Mood: relieved.

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Christ my whole life is a WIP. But I've got a folder full of half written stories and scenes and some of these could be so very, very good, if I could put on paper what I see in my head. Here are the ones I'm most dedicated to finishing at some nebulous point in time.

WIP lines )


Jan. 9th, 2009 07:15 pm
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Some more fanart. I really can't get enough of Mermaids. It's a thing.

For Shadow over Atlantis by Le Chatte Noir, which I love to death and hope will be updated soon. Cthulhu Mckay.

Clicky for blow out.

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It's always a blow when fandom fails me. I still remember my crushing disappointment (and disbelief, cuz come on, it's totally canon you guys!) when I found out there was no Psychic Greg fic in CSI fandom. And now it's starting to look like no one wanted to play with Larry Tolson; Sanctuary Psychopath, who wanders around axe murdering people for sapping his psychic energy (or something). I realize he only got a 30 second part, but he's played by David Hewlett!

I want Tolson fic! *snif*

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Stargate Universe is up on IMDB. No details beyond the title etc. sadly.

There's also someone on the message board, that asks;  'wouldn't it be great if any of the lead characters were gay?'
Well, sure. But since this is contemporary scifi, all about the American military, it seems pretty unlikely that they'll go with that. The most queer I expect them to get, is maybe have a character fall for an alien that's distinctively not human. Star trek used the plot of a genderless or third gender love interest twice, to mask the fact that their male hero had a gay experience. Now I'll doubt SG will go that far, but to be fair, it's also really not the kind of show that would devote an entire episode to romance.

So since the gay character is unlikely, how about this; 'Wouldn't it be great if any of the lead characters were black?'
To put that in perspective, let me elaborate that sentence with this quote from[livejournal.com profile] linabean ; "The only regular characters who aren't white are the ones from other planets. They had a nice young black man playing a marine, and they got him addicted to an alien drug and he went crazy and now he's probably dead."

Let's try that again show writers. You might be hard pressed to find openly gay men in the marines corps, but I'm sure there are plenty of ethnic soldiers. Or hey, let's get really radical (since I've read the character profiles and I can already imagine which of them you'd go with) let's make it the mandatory genius. Radical I know. But at least then you couldn't kill him off (or sort of hint you killed him off, "but hey, who knows and that plot's so last season, I just can't be bothered about it anymore")

My perfect Universe team btw. includes Dusty Mehra in the role of the random soldier with anger management issues. That could be her, just saying.

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A Gay marriage drabble written for the No on 8 drabble-a-thon.

Pairing: Mckay/Sheppard
Summary: This was all Jeannie's fault. She was always putting these ideas in Rodney's head. About settling down and starting a family and how he could have this. Should want to have this!

Onto the slash )
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We asked for him and we got him, but what exactly does the giant rewrite of SGA's history mean?

Spoilers SGA S4 & 5 )

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Oh for God sakes! Go to bed already! Stop waiting for reviews!

Spend the day writing. Then I got stuck, so I did a little reading, only then I got an idea and I figured, just a little drabble to get going again. Only the drabble became a ficlet and then I got frustrated that I failed at drabbles, so I wrote a real drabble to proof I could.

I'm having a ball with amnesty, but seriously. Must go to bed.
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So I started a piece for [community profile] sga_flashfic's general criminal badass challenge...

I've got the prologue (Rodney slowly choking Carter to death while laughing manically, yo). I have the situation more of less worked out. And now I'm stuck. I've started writing from the SGC's point of view, but that won't allow me to show quite the levels of Atlantis' badassery. It's terribly annoying.

Maybe I should just heed Trickster's advice: By choosing one zing, you have to sacrifice a bit of the others. It's OK. There will be other sex scenes. (really that's applicable to fiction in general I think) 

Also, I totally need a Beta. Deadline = 6 October. *Whimper*
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Quite possibly I'm over thinking this, because the Stargate seems to work pretty much however the writers need it to work. This goes for most alien tech actually...

Point and case 1: Jumpers must uncloak before entering a wormhole. 
From watching the show it's pretty clear the jumpers can cloak, right up to the point where they go through the gate. Now maybe wormhole travel just messes with the system a little, or hell, I don't know. You can't pull in the drive pods while cloaked or something silly. I'm inclined to belief the whole uncloaking jumper thing was invented so that bad guy's can take exiting potshots at them though.

Point and case 2: All aliens had English lessons in ground school.
Why oh why do the aliens speak English?!? Is there some kind of translation gizmo build into the gate? But then why don't ALL aliens speak English?!? What the hell is the point of Daniel fricking Jackson anyway? Why can Colonel Caldwell and his minions who NEVER travel through any Pegasus gate, understand Teyla and Ronon? Could they understand aliens who haven't traveled to the gate to Atlantis?

Point and case 3: To dial home you need to know the point of origin.
...er No. That's what they said in the movie, but if that was the case then you wouldn't be able to dial out if you don't know what planet you are on (The hive), let alone use the same home dialing sequence every time. Supposedly the stargate works by dialing points between location A and B. So if Location B is completely changes, you'd need a new sequence. They obviously ditched that in favour of a more easy to use phone number system in the series though. So again, what is the point of DANIEL JACKSON?!?

Point and case 4: If you leave Atlantis during the day, it'll still be day when you arive on the next planet.
This I actually find rather clever, because if you were an ancient and you could put the gate anywhere you wanted on the fricking planet, of course you'd make sure there wouldn't be a lot of gate lag. I wonder if they divided the gates amongst hemisphere's too. When half the planets have summer, the other half has winter. It sure would make year round trade convenient.

Okay I'm done.


Dec. 7th, 2006 04:46 pm
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Okay, so maybe I'm a freak for being into shows as intensely as I am (though I think that goes for most of the folks in fandom and scifi fans are particularly notorious, so what the hell), but why, oh why! don't the people who are actually in charge of canon seem to have an continuinity fairy! 

Do they honestly not know every little freckle on their babies body! (no wait, that came out kind of squick...)

Or do the writers actually believe that we just won't notice when they slay canon to get to the convenient Deus Ex Machina!?!?!
PERSONAL SHIELDS ARE PERSONALIZED!!!! AARGH! (this rant was brought to you by  Stargate Atlantis. Just... give me an hour to calm down and acknowledge that the writers don't have months to work on a single story)

*wanders off to breathe into a paper bag* 

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Ubersale in town means I now have the last three seasons of Buffy on my shelf and only had to pay for two of them! Whohoo! Must stop myself from going insane in the brain and picking up Firefly, SGA season 1 and er... the net? I don't even really want those! (well, I do, but I'll be *meh* about two of them in a months time) Its true what the Undutchables claims; Dutchees are total suckers for bargains. *sigh*

Stargate Atlantis is still awesome, though my rational mind knows that my love of the show is mostly because it's such a cool fandom and there is lot's of mpreg and kidfic and around this time of the month my hormones tend to insist I like that sort of thing.

Must focus on the back reading and writing I have to do!!! Must not get carried away by my current love of astrophysicists and forget about my own perfectly good geek! Linguistics is a totally acceptable scientific avenue, no matter what Rodney might say!


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