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Jan. 2nd, 2009 09:15 pm
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I promised myself a graphic tablet if I passed my exams... but er... I was weak, so I guess I'll know next week whether I earned this pretty. And in the meantime; WHO GIRLS!

My first go. I think I really started getting the hang of the pen possibilities by the time I got to Donna. She ended up a bit more realistic then the other two (maybe that just reflects that she's my favorite). I might do a color once I get the hang of that.

Clicky for close-up

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Just follow the fake cut. No spoilers or nakedness, but one suicide warning. Yikes! 

This week the challenge was Watershed! *frowns**Looks at it from all angles**checks a dictionary* I don't get it....

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Alright. So I felt a wee bit guilty about exploiting Rose like I did. So here she get's her own back!

About to pass out from hunger. That's all folks!
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Oh Man. Don't tell me LJ changed the button system again! Does anyone know how you post a picture without resorting to code!?!?! 

Anyway. Here's my entry for this weeks challange in [profile] 500year_diary. A doc who fanart community. 
Haven't bothered in a while, but the theme: Exploitation just screamed for a semi-pornographic entry and with material like Rose and the docs... well who could resist.

So follow the cut to:

Like I said, semi-pornographic and as such work sensitive.
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Dude! I'm being like WAY creative here since I stumbled across a Doc who fan art community! 

Two pieces of oiginal Doctor who art. One of these is worksensitive though!


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