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God so frustrating! I've finished the general art setup for one of my chosen assignments from the Gay Yenta Dragon challenge (Merlin Big Bang people!). It even turned out pretty much how I was imagining (rare that), but I won't be able to finish the pivotal bit, because I need more info on the fic! And that probably won't be for AGES! *snif*

Fun though.

I'm also having a stab at a fic. If I pull this off, it'll be the most complex thing i've ever written. The first 5000 words practically wrote themselves, but this is where the real work begins. *gulp*

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Remember when I said that "what Merlin really needs, is some really nasty, angsty, dark Uther/Merlin. Preferably noncon?"

I'm writing it. *head desk*. I'm only 5 pages in, but I can tell that it could be epic if I'm not careful. Already I'm planting red herrings and struggling to keep the ANGST from spinning wildly into Uther/Merlin shipping. What would we call that anyway? Utherlin? Merther? (I like that last one, but it's to easily confused with Merlin/Arthur).
Seriously though, I have to keep this bitch under control, before I have the boys riding out of Camelot on a dragon, ala HP.
The only reason I'm so productive is because I REALLY need to be studying for a monster test on monday. *gulp*

Anyway, I should have the first big part done sometime next week maybe if someone would be willing to proofread and bounce ideas with me?

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Oh for God sakes! Go to bed already! Stop waiting for reviews!

Spend the day writing. Then I got stuck, so I did a little reading, only then I got an idea and I figured, just a little drabble to get going again. Only the drabble became a ficlet and then I got frustrated that I failed at drabbles, so I wrote a real drabble to proof I could.

I'm having a ball with amnesty, but seriously. Must go to bed.
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So here  am wearing my cute little designer outfit (how can I afford designer clothes you ask? I can't. I get to wear them for work. Whee!). I think the pen stripes on MY FACE might spoil the effect a little though. *head desk*

First Intensive Spanish lesson this week. It's fun (so far). We get taught some basic Spanish and are then expected to speak it for three hours straight.

On the General criminal badass fic front: SG1 has only just arrived in Pegasus and I'm already getting stuck on things I'll have to rewrite. I think it might be best to just wrestle on and write the rest of the fic like It's already been fixed. If I don't I'll get stuck writing endless versions and never make the deadline... hell, it'll never get posted. I wish I could shut off my damn brain sometimes.
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So I started a piece for [community profile] sga_flashfic's general criminal badass challenge...

I've got the prologue (Rodney slowly choking Carter to death while laughing manically, yo). I have the situation more of less worked out. And now I'm stuck. I've started writing from the SGC's point of view, but that won't allow me to show quite the levels of Atlantis' badassery. It's terribly annoying.

Maybe I should just heed Trickster's advice: By choosing one zing, you have to sacrifice a bit of the others. It's OK. There will be other sex scenes. (really that's applicable to fiction in general I think) 

Also, I totally need a Beta. Deadline = 6 October. *Whimper*


Sep. 13th, 2007 01:34 pm
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I miss the days when I used to be able to write. Let me rephrase, I miss the days, back when I first discovered fanfiction and was blissfully ignorant enough to write dazzling tales about Mary-Sues. When I shamelessly dared to have Britney Spears the vampire slayer frolic around on FF.net. To POST stories without bothering with silly things like spelling or grammar, or plot.

I know teen fangirl writers are minions of Satan, but it was such a happy time. I woe the day I started taking writing serious, because I've hardly been able to get anything out of my keyboard since. (bet everyone else was relieved though ;) 
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I blame [personal profile] othercat for this. She's the one who reminded me by way of good fanfic that fanon can beat canon any day. Saw Andromeda. Hated Andromeda. Am now looking for a beta to nag at my Andromeda/ Lost crossover. *sigh*

I've poured out twenty pages of this drab already! Madness! Madness I tell you!


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