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Right. I need about two hundred more words on why Venice is a monarchy, aristocracy and democracy and I need to get my brain straightened out so I can explain in proper Dutch why, oh why, I'm not wasting everybodies time by writing a report on the fall on Venice economic hegenomy... 

I need more coffee for this sh***
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The paper from hell (or Belgium... it's their roads. I find them highly aggravating) is finally finished and posted only five minutes past the official deadline! Now I'll just have to ditch a printed version at my uni and it'll be partying and traveling all the way up to September! Whohoo!

Vacation has arrived!

Hope the weather keeps, since I have plans involving an outdoor swimming pool and my favorite bikini.

Later gaters.
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Almost done! Just gotta finish the conclusion, throw a bit about the press in there. Add some footnotes (the bane of any students existence. Why can't I just plagiarize! Or put a general disclaimer at the bottom?!?! :the contents of this paper were pretty much all thought up by smarter people who already got a degree and often a teaching position, except for that guy Podmore, cuz he was a bit of a tabble rapping nutter)

Can you imagine if we had to add footnotes in fanfic? 

Sam cracked the egg on the edge of the frying pan and watched it sizzle with a satisfied expression before adding a bit of parsley and turning to cut the avocado.1

 W.hoever, Episode 4, 'Life on mars', (2006, Britian) scene 15: They sugested Sam Tyler is quite the little gourmet cook by having him brush up something special for that broad who'll ruin the meal by spiking it so that she can shagg him and take pictures in the next scene...
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I have to turn in a paper tomorrow and I've wasted all day angsting about it instead of working (Angst is my specialty). So sometime tomorrow I'll be up at six and slaving away and not quite making it and cursing myself for wasting an entire day! 

I'd say life sucks, but my life is actually quite nice and it's more my state of mind that needs adjustment. Working on that. Time for a happy pill...

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I need to be working on a fifteen page report on the historiografie of Spiritism in Victorian England and I am sooooooo stuck! Agh! Agh! Agh, AGH! (in other news, isn't my University the greatest though?!? Granted, I don't get to write about why Xander is gay in a 'Vampires in media' class, but still. I'm earning my doctorate by blabbing about floating tables and stuff. Yay!)

Actually that was kind of uplifting. Think I might give it another shot.

Oh quick update on the skin condition, cuz I just KNOW everybody has been itching to hear about that!  It is an allergy thingy, that normally last for two days, except I've been getting it for two weeks now, which means I have the chronic, six weeky version! *crap!*

And a quick update on Verdonk; Kahloe(? Or whatever he's called *sheesh*) is leaving Holland without a Dutch passport. Do not play for Holland in the World soccer cup! Do not give up a nifty percentage of your million euro salary to taxes. Do inspire every soccer fan in Holland to HATE Verdonk! yay! yay and yay again! 
Nasty backstabbing of teenagers and fellow politicians didn't do it! Putting refugees in a deathtrap prison and watch them burn to death didn't do it! Even giving up dangerous info to hostile goverments before deporting refugees on a plane back to their homecountry where they will be subsequently prosecuted didn't do it! 

But I think damaging our chances in the upcoming soccer competition just might do it! Verdonk ruins her popularity with the stupid masses!!! makes me want to smack her in all the senses of that term!


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