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Ugh. Heroes. I must be desperate for entertainment since I'm still watching this. I had this unfounded belief it'll get good again now that they've got a whole season and actual willing writers to work with. And yet there is Tracy.

Click for S3 spoilers up to ep 4 )
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Okay in case anyone remembers that snotty post I made ages ago, on how I just didn't get the appeal of heroes fanfic? ...I take it back!

I have a new OTP and solid proof that the show lends itself to wonderful crack.

I want to read Heroes fic and I would really love to not have to do it at the pit of voles. So just  where is the good stuff hiding?
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Oh sheesh, you mean to tell me I've been wasting time watching the bionic woman when heroes is back on!?! How did I not know this? Because seriously, bionic woman is dull, dull, dull. This is supposed to be the next Buffy? Guess everyone got confused by that chick fight they cut and pasted straight out of graduation...
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I finally got to see the Heroes finale and I heart it to death! 

This awesome solution to the whole BOMB issue actually occurred to me a couple of months ago and I've read at least ONE Heroes fic that ended like that (incidentally the only Heroes fic I've read, but more on that later). 
I always loved the idea and it's beyond cool that they actually went with it. Anything else would have been lame in comparison. I just never thought they'd actually have the guts to do it!

So I haven't really given Heroes fandom a chance. I don't think the show really lends itself to proper fandoming to be honest (though I know there are a lot of people that try with the Peter/Clairing). It's such an ongoing saga. I have trouble imagining stories that can stand alone from the series and I'm just not interested in a dozen interpretations of the heroes' feelings during Fallout, or whatever.  
I had the same problem with Lost, which I also loved to death for a while there.

Shows like SGA or Buffy also have continuity, but they also have stand alone stories and a murky time frame. I can buy into them having other adventures, or hell, day to day lives when were not watching. Not so much the case with the Heroes or Lost, because we seemingly see everything! (though God knows Hiro could have had a dozen adventures while they were on his lamo quest in Vegas *sigh*)

What's that  you say? Buffy battled a DINOSAUR somewhere in S5? Sure, why the hell not. 

Sayid went to the other side of the island and found forty dubloons? Er??? And when did this supposedly happen? Somewhere in the two weeks that took three months? As if.


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