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Still scourging the net for 'the Net" fanfiction (it doesn't exist I tell you! What fan base, stupid DVD reviewer!), I came across this treaty on the nature of fanfiction.


*hugs author*

Yes. Fanfiction is wonderful.
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So what makes the straight to tv movie "the Net 2.0" worth watching?

The fact that it's set in Istanbul. Reminded me why I want to live there one day, even if it's just for a bit.

Roxalina's glorious mane! Better then Holly Marie Combs. Also, it was the first time in ages that I've contemplated a carreer in Interpol, though I suppose the badge won't make my hair do that.... hmmm

Is that it? Yeah, suppose so. Sandra Bullock really carried that first movie. 

Honestly, the main character is called Hope Cassidy! And she wonders why someone would want to delete her identiy! Hell I wanted to do that! You know those movies where you're actually rooting for the bad guy's with guns? this is one of them!!

And get this! Mostly at her own request her new identity is; DIANA MOON! Thank God her rents died in a tragic planecrash before her sisters; Charity and Faith could be spawned, is all I'm saying...

Honestly, Roxalina and the glorious mane almost make it worth the effort. Ignore the magic bullet. Ignore the fact that Hope can outrun cars and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Ignore that it always took me a lot longer to get from the Aya Sofia to the Bosporus (mind, I wasn't running, so who knows) 

Just sit back, turn of your sound so you won't hear Hope's screechings (she almost redeemed herself to me by ordering Tea in Turkish. To bad she opened her mouth again after that line *sigh*) and enjoy all the pretty scenery and hairdo. 

If you want to reward me for this unasked review. I'll accept first class tickets to Istanbul.
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I've been suffering from an obsession these past few days. It's one of my usual, "I have stuff I need to be doing, but just thinking about it makes me nausious, and ooh look, is that a shiny rock on that hither floor" obsessions.

So I figured I'd just whine about it for a bit and hopefully get it out of my system.

It all started when I suddenly realised that one of my first tv crushes, Jacob 'the sorcerer" Resh from the net was in fact played by the same actor as one of my current tv crushes Greg Sanders from CSI. So instead of downloading pictures of Eric Szmanda like any selfrespecting fangirl, I've become fascinated by the Net.

Remember the net? Anyone? At all?

It's a remake of the Sandra Bullock film. Ran one season.

It has got to be the most pittifull series ever aired. After extensive searches (because I'm obsessed) I've managed to scourge up two fan sites that really only list the episode titles. Maybe I got spoiled by Buffy, but that's just sad. Especially for a show that was all about the internet!

Even TV tomes and Television without pity barely touch it!  

Honestly, if memory serves me, It wasn't even really bad! 

So I've come to the conclusion that the only thing that's more frustrating then an obsession, is an obsession you can't indulge in. The DVD box is out there, but ridicoulously expensive, as things are when you couldn't even give it away....



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