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Oh man, I finally gave the SGU pilot a go and I'm cracking up here! In the way they intended even! My biggest worry was that they'd be so busy imitating BSG that they'd loose the trademark Stargate lightness. It's dark, but they've still got the humor.
Haven't seen any of the scene's everyone is upset about yet though, so we'll wait and see.

Greer; The angry black man. I find both the stereotype and the character irking, although the latter not as much as I'd expected. I'm holding out for the revelation that he has some kind of deep seated PTSD trauma. It's a very real problem for so many vets, and I would actually be really happy if they worked it in here.

Rush: Airlock his useless ass. I don't care what he says. IT ACTUALLY TOTALLY IS ALL YOUR FAULT. Since I'm being contrary already, I'm also going to go against everyone who sympathized with him and thought people are over reacting with their hostility and distrust.

Chloe: The character I expected to like the least of all, but I laughed my ass off at her chugging down the wine. Booze can only ease parental embarresment so much, sweetheart. And her sad attempts to hide the fact that her boss was also her dad actually endeared her to me. At least she has the good sense to be embarressed about the blalant nepotism. (I thought Californie was bankrupt though). She can't fake cry for shit though.

Tamara: Isn't she a marine? Or airwoman? Or some kind of military medic? Stationed offworld for a long time? What's with the impecible makeup? I don't even bother to put that much on when I go out.

Eli: He's no Mckay or Carter, but he just might be his own character entirely.
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SGU will have gay characters!

And looking at the reactions to that on Gateworld, I'd say it's needed desperately. 

“I don’t hate gays, just their practice and way of life.”
“If you want lesbians they have plenty of websites that you can go to”
“if i wanted to watch lesbians i would watch porn simple”
“What it the sole purpose of sex? To have a baby”

And of course:

Why the Hell do people insist on talking about gays, bringing it up and shoving in our faces. This little article does just that. I find it insulting it is taking up space and in my face. Is there some need for it to be pushed on us?

Dude you are the epitome of people who need to have it shoved in their face, so maybe you'll get a clue.

Mood: Elated yet sad.

Edit: Also; This dreamwith thing... What's the deal with that? You have to pay for it? (I realize a lot of people pay for LJ as well, but I like my internetz to come free of charge)

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Yes I'm just as pissed as everyone that they cancelled SGA. But just in case people hadn't quite grasped the potential of Stargate Universe yet, allow me to demonstrate:

Mind they had ME at Richie Ryan IN SPACE!
Clicky the image to see it full sized or see it here at my Deviant page

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I'm am completely sold on Stargate Universe! They've cast Mulan and  Black canary!


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