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God i feel like crap. And look the allergy is back to! Only this time it's reached my face. I look like a fuggly Denise Richard! 
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I need to be working on a fifteen page report on the historiografie of Spiritism in Victorian England and I am sooooooo stuck! Agh! Agh! Agh, AGH! (in other news, isn't my University the greatest though?!? Granted, I don't get to write about why Xander is gay in a 'Vampires in media' class, but still. I'm earning my doctorate by blabbing about floating tables and stuff. Yay!)

Actually that was kind of uplifting. Think I might give it another shot.

Oh quick update on the skin condition, cuz I just KNOW everybody has been itching to hear about that!  It is an allergy thingy, that normally last for two days, except I've been getting it for two weeks now, which means I have the chronic, six weeky version! *crap!*

And a quick update on Verdonk; Kahloe(? Or whatever he's called *sheesh*) is leaving Holland without a Dutch passport. Do not play for Holland in the World soccer cup! Do not give up a nifty percentage of your million euro salary to taxes. Do inspire every soccer fan in Holland to HATE Verdonk! yay! yay and yay again! 
Nasty backstabbing of teenagers and fellow politicians didn't do it! Putting refugees in a deathtrap prison and watch them burn to death didn't do it! Even giving up dangerous info to hostile goverments before deporting refugees on a plane back to their homecountry where they will be subsequently prosecuted didn't do it! 

But I think damaging our chances in the upcoming soccer competition just might do it! Verdonk ruins her popularity with the stupid masses!!! makes me want to smack her in all the senses of that term!
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okay, checked and as it turns out the meds I am taking have been known to cause itching and red spots on the skin. But I've been taking them for MONTHS! Why would I get side effects now?!?

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What the heck is going on! Did I pick up a new allergy or something?!?!
What I first assumed to be a savage attack of musquitos now appears to be something far more sinister. For days now my skin's been itching like crazy, exept when I actually scratch it turns out all red and bumpy. I feel like a fricking vampire, with stomach ridges! Right now my entire upper leg is one nasty swollen red mess.

I don't get it! I haven't changed my diet. Aren't using new fabric softener or new meds and the spots completely dissapear again after a while, so it's can't be measels or something. ITCH! grr... 

come to think of it. It started at my foks. Maybe my mom IS using new fabric softener. Must check...


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