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For those of you who haven't heard (like I'm ever anything but last to know, but whatever) Sanctuary is now playing.

The first completely online tv-show, featuring Amanda Tapping and as I was overjoyed to discover, DAVID HEWLETT! Once again playing the role he plays better then anyone I know.
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Brought to you by Christopher Judge (Teal'c) and Micheal Shanks (Daniel). Being Stargate guys, a lot of the girls are from the show as well.... That and Andromeda?!?... yikes!

Seriously though. The cover has some scantily clad hoe on it! (don't recognize her, but maybe someone else will). What's up with that?!?! I like my SciFi woman because they tend to be strong, smart, witty or failing that just awesome viper pilots! What's with the female de-powerment homes? 

The rest of the pictures are more artsy sexy, then sleazy though, so check it out!

And better still, 2008 promises a Men in SciFi calender as well. It better feature David Hewlett! Scantilly dressed. In make-up. Hubba hubba.
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Once again a dreary day with buckets of ran falling out of the sky and little to do with all my friends on holiday.
Hope it clears up for the canal pride on Saturday. It'll be the first time since I moved to Amsterdam that I'll actually be in the country for this. Wonder how scarcely dressed the participants will dare to be if the weather continues to suck! *pouts*

Thank God for the internet. Today I entertained myself by playing Adventure quest with my vampire girl Iglo, who despite her tragic fate is still fighting evil as a vampire hunter (I named her pets named Angel and Spike ;).

For today's pimp though I bring you;

Bombay TV

I bring you my own infantile attempt to ad my own subtitles to a Bollywood scene. They have about a dozen pics for you to choose from. Squeee!


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