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Freedom of religion is more important then the freedom to sleep in on Sunday morning...  The courts decided you totally get to piss all over the legal noise restrictions at 7.00 in the morning as long as there are church bells involved.

Mind we're talking about a Christian church. Somehow I doubt that freedom of religion would hold up if a nearby Mosque tried sending their muezzin up the minarets with a loudspeaker. 

Dear government, I get that religion is kind of a hot item right now, with all those scary Muslims around, but could you please tone down  ramming your Jewish/Christian identity down my throat?!? I don't have a Jewish/Christian heritage! I come from a long line of commies and socialists. Get my grannie talking about the pope and all you get are swears. Bonifatius in Dokkum? THOSE were MY ancestors!

Here's a heritage for you: Secularity!

Wow, The Hague's been pissing me of more then I realized
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Fanfic tropes I hate or just dislike with a fiery passion

Song fic: Like Nansi_Alexander so eloquently said in this awesome badfic entry; "It is also NOT a song fic, even though there are some song lyrics here, but that is not because they are like, SINGING, it is because they are about Best Friends which is what John and Rodney are, only not exactly, because they are totally soul mates only I couldn't find a song about soul mates so I had to use this one, which kind of sucks, only not because I guess they're friends too."
That sums it up quite nicely.

Poetry fic: There are only two characters in my fandoms I can easily buy writing poetry. Spike and Sheppard!
...Sheppard you say? Look it's obvious. He's totally, secretly a fourteen year old goth girl, who can't talk about his feelings, so he writes these great angsty poems in his secret diary, that no one ever gets to read, except maybe Rodney when they're both drunk. Only Rodney totally  mocks him for it, so then John has to listen to black sabbath and cut himself... What? That could totally happen!

But really, I'll belief a lot if you sell it right. And If you do insist on having your characters act like beatniks, just tell us they're doing it. There's no need to post the actual poems, because I sure as hell ain't gonna read them (but I will concede I'm biased, cuz  well... I just don't care for poetry)

The What if Series rewrites: This trope I don't really despise as such. It just keeps disappointing me in crushing ways. Usually the authors have a really promising plot bunny. Adam Pierson is found to be immortal and send to Sunnydale to help the slayer! Rodney is a fucked up Sentinel oh noes! Sheppard can whistle the national anthem through his nose!
The fun in this trope is to see how things will turn out now, with these radically different characters and backgrounds. And again and again the answer is... exactly the same fucking way.  For some reason the authors never seem brave enough to stop slavishly following the episode plots. The worst of these offenders even seem to be copying lines directly from transcripts!
Nothing changes. Their cool revamped characters hardly make a difference, even when they clearly should. And it pisses me off, because the little bits of original fiction that do sneak in there tend to be awesome.

Seriously, If I want to read a what if story where nothing fucking changes, I'll just pick my Wicked Willow series of the shelf.


Nov. 16th, 2007 11:14 am
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Me: "Hi, is this where I register for vaccinations?"
Lady: "Vaccinations?"
Me: "I'm going to South America."
Lady: "No, no, this is the line for STD testing. Go around the corner."

Fortunately my line was a LOT shorter!

So I got my first three shots today. They warned that there might be side effects. My sense of dramatic flair instantly insisted I faint in the waiting room... I didn't. Sometimes I think my sense of drama must have been a bodice ripper in a past life.

Korilian: The Other White Meat.

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Every now and then someone will do this awesome request on [profile] sgastoryfinders  that leaves me gasping and going, "OMG, that sounds awesome! I've GOT to read that!" Only to find out that it's from the surfacing zines.

It never ceases to amuse me that even though we'll mass download and share the actual shows itself, I've yet to see anyone sneaking around illegal copies of the zines. I guess that proofs there's honor amongst thieves or something. I don't want people to go sharing them. These stories were written by some of the best authors in SGA fandom and quite frankly the price might just be worth it.

I wouldn't know. I'm not yet desperate enough to pay 55 euro's to read fanfic. Getting there though...


Nov. 9th, 2007 02:34 pm
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They've recently started testing a new cancer treatment on mice. Supposedly they can kill cancer cells using targeted radio waves, that leave the surrounding cells virtually untouched. It's sounding very promising.

My family has a history of skin cancer and I have a great aunt in the hospital with terminal cancer right now. It sounds like a miracle cure, but I doubt they'll work it out in time for her. It sucks. Still, let's hope they get it right this time.
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Honestly, has Doppelganger even aired yet? I heard it was leaked on itunes and I KNOW it's on you tube but...
Anyway, since by now I'm sure half of fandom has seen it... (and if you haven't you should, because it's made of win!)

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You know how in ground school all the boys wanted to be a pilot, or a fireman or a soccer player right? And the girls wanted to be hairdressers? (get some fucking ambition you pre-schoolers!)
Well even back then I dreamed of being a cord dancer, or a writer.

Obviously at 24 my ambitions have matured slightly... except... well, they really haven't.
Secretly I still want to be a spy, or a comic book artist, or a writer or an archaeologist, or hell a pirate!

My ambitions are constantly hampered by reality (not the last one. I'm totally doing that when I grow up). I can't be a spy, because I'm not slick enough. I can't be a writer because, discipline is not a word that's in my vocabulary. I can however be a comic book artist! That's what web comics are for! And one day I'll be done with my style and my character doodles and my half worked out plot and I SHALL SPAM THE WEB, just like all the other hopeful losers out there! And I'll have a ball doing it too!

But in the meantime I'll just keep staring in awe at the ones that know how it's done. And you can stare with me.

Penny Arcade: Started out so crappy and then somewhere down the line, this thing turned into something these guy's could live off. Honestly I don't even find all the comics funny. And then all of the sudden while you're clicking with your little half smile, there will suddenly be a comic gem! Or two.

[profile] quirkybird's family man: After her cracktastic 'vampires in the french revolution comic', she started a prequel comic for minor character Luther. She really put a lot of work into the art and the story... sheesh. It's gorgeous, mature with remarkable historical detail and... well, were wolfs?!? Both comics can be found here.

Doctor Mcninja: This is how you do crack. With a straight face. The doctor who's also a ninja, has been getting more and more complex. You'd think that the highlight would have been the mime battle with Ronald McDonald, but no, it's still going strong! How could you not love a ninja doctor mentored by batman and Ben Franklin's clone? With a gun slinging sidekick, a gorrila and a raptor and a disapproving ninja family that just doesn't get his urge to heal as well as kill!?! 

Gunnerkrigg court: I can't begin to describe this. Forget about Harry Potter. Gunnerkrigg court can't  be beaten when it comes to  boarding school weirdness. And somehow it's just so damn cute! I wonder what the school brochure looks like...

No rest for the wicked: You keep working those fairy tales girl!

There are more obviously, but these are the once that still dazzle me after a year or faithful reading.
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OH MY G... actually that one isn't really appropriate for the subject matter.

I thought the Out There comic was Christian propaganda (I'm sorry, I mean a comic suitable for Christian youth). But no, the real deal can be found at Chicks publications: publishing Gospel literture for 40 years!

Clicky, clicky, it has out takes.

For a special discount you can get 19 comics, teaching you which bible hasn't been tampered with by Satan. That playing D&D will teach you real magic (which is clearly awesome). That evolution is a filthy lie!  And just what those druid priests are planning with their armies of witches and politicians (undermine Christians with rock music, in case you were wondering. You better burn those records!). 

I especially love how they called their hero's the crusaders. Now there's a pair of fine men to have around when you get possessed. 

My favourite: the KGB prostitute that finds Christ. Sure she ends up in a Gulag, but they'll see her in heaven.

MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN SAVED BY READING THESE BOOKS! I kid you not. Now excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth a little.
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I did it! I passed my interview and coming January I'll be starting my six month stay in Cusco, Peru!

The elation is totally overwhelming my residual terror!
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UNCLE FARC WANTS YOU! And me! But what they got was a pretty twenty something girl from hicksville five miles from where I grew up. 
This came out when government troops raided the camp where she'd been living for the last five years and captured her diaries.

Now who hasn't at some point in their lives thought: "Why not join the revolutionary armed forces? VIVA, VIVA!"  
I realize that moving to the Colombian jungle might sound like an awesome plan when you grow up stepping in cow pastures. But at the end of the day, it's just not a good idea!  As it stands, Tanja has either already been executed for writing mean things about her fellow rebels. Or if she'd still alive, is  facing 15 years in prison once the Columbian government gets their hands on her. 

Proving that in Hicksville, stupid is in the water; another local decided to take advantage of the fact that the country is now aware of their existence for the first time since the Dutch abandoned the hunter/gatherer lifestyle and send a powder letter to city hall.
Not because Tanja's father happens to work there... but to protest the fact that they want to move a WO2 monument to another location. 

These are my people. You make me so proud.


Sep. 3rd, 2007 01:13 pm
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Just wandered past a minor keruffle, over the right to write humor fic. Presumably the conclusion was: "Yes, but not about this, because this is personal to me."

Now I have commented negatively on a fic that freaked me out badly in my own journal. I Flocked it, because yes it is a bit of a shitty thing to do maybe. The fact of the matter is, I totally reserve the right to bitch about stuff that disturbs me in the privacy of my own journal. 

But at the end of the day, my opinion is just that. One single opinion! And not even a really impressive one! I mean, I'll never be president of my country. I'll never rule NATO despite my claims to the contrary. Hell, on a good day I can barely function without a personal assistant (which I dont' have, but really, really need. If anyone is interested in the position I'll pay in chocolate and puppies and I offer great dental). I can't stop you writing whatever the hell you feel like. I certainly don't want to!

And having said that. For God sakes people. Stop taking yourself so seriously! It never ends well.

Viva! Viva!

Sep. 1st, 2007 07:23 pm
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My Media player just cut from Jamiroquai telling me to RISE UP and give love a chance, but I'm totally ignoring that bit to Uddo Lindenberg mocking DDR honcho Honecker! And I was all, yes! Yes please! Someone hand me a burning TORCH!

When did my playlist become so revolutionary?!?! Commie blood on both sides of the family tree. Those roots were bound to shine through at some point I guess.
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I wish Stargate Atlantis S4 would hurry up and get here. I mean, what the hell! I thought you yanks didn't do endless hiatuses?!?!  (I acknowledge that this might be part of my American fairytale, as first taught by Jerry Springer... letting that show get past your borders was undoubtebly the biggest mistake in the history of the country! I don't know anyone of my generation whose perceptions of the US weren't formed by it and one day I'm really going to have to sit down and get some things straight (starting with your educational system and your collective fashion sense!)).

But really, I've read HP7, I've seen HP5 and I've been informed that Transformers and Shrek 3 are nothing to get exited about. 
My life has become EMPTY! (I mean, I'm going on vacation tomorrow, but beyond then that, EMPTY!)

And I'm really curious if the bigwigs have managed to ruin my greatest guilty pleasure (I don't feel guitly, it just sounds good). Because the casting spoilers are making me a mite nervous.

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Okay the weather has been insane for AGES now! Stop raining damn it! We're already a meter below sea level!

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I know there's already been a lot of discussion on LJ about critical reviewing.

I've always been firmly in the camp that a critical review can be a great writers tool. I welcome critical reviews (not that I write a lot, but more on that later) and when I get critical, I try very hard to give tips and explain what didn't really work, without being mean (even if sometimes I just want to bash my head through the computer screen to put me out of my misery).

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To find out I googled my username.

Apparentally this year I:

-suggested a funny statue in Amsterdam, which promply made number 32 on the World's funniest statues list! (go me! It also got used as illustration for someone's spanish poetry and I got special credit, even though I made neither the picture or the statue... er?)

-freaked out on the Gilles de la tourette forums after my doctor made an ill advised comment  *grrr*

-pain stakingly tried to infiltrate the danish sci-fi scene (in Danish).

-snarked about bunch of fuckers who where preaching about the gay conspiracy. 

Oddly enough there were no traces of all the desperate pleas I made over on [profile] sgastoryfindersto find me some damn fanfic to read.


There is no scientific method, to my knowledge, that allows us to ask a rose if it likes how it smells or if it feels beautiful. There is Korilian photography that will show us when its stressed or at rest but, there is no way for our intelligence to communicate with the intelligence of a rose... if there is such a thing in either species. (Man, am I deep! But no, there will be no intelligent conversation when I'm involved...)

"There's always and alien battle cruiser or a Korilian death ray or intergalactic plague that's about to wipe out life on this miserable planet!" (You bet there is, suckers!)
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I totally blanked on the fact that DOCTOR WHO was on tonight! I FAIL AT LIFE! is what I would say if I was even more of a drama queen.

So... fresh air/ sunshine/ fun RL social activities instead of Scifi... I think... this is... progress?
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I bought a pile of newspapers from 1953 for 5 euros on the free market (a lot of doubles sadly, but I can think of a few people I can make happy with a historical paper). They're mostly about a massive flooding in Holland back in the day, that killed a lot of people, so that's probably not in everyone's field of interest.

On one front page though, there's a piece stating that the Rosenberg's appeal has been denied and that they'll be executed next week. On the other side is a column ranting about those fucking commies trying to use the flooding for their Ruski propaganda. 

This was the best buy ever!

In other news: I can't wait to download the new Heroes. I saw the trailer. Looks like it'll be the coolest yet!


Dec. 7th, 2006 04:46 pm
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Okay, so maybe I'm a freak for being into shows as intensely as I am (though I think that goes for most of the folks in fandom and scifi fans are particularly notorious, so what the hell), but why, oh why! don't the people who are actually in charge of canon seem to have an continuinity fairy! 

Do they honestly not know every little freckle on their babies body! (no wait, that came out kind of squick...)

Or do the writers actually believe that we just won't notice when they slay canon to get to the convenient Deus Ex Machina!?!?!
PERSONAL SHIELDS ARE PERSONALIZED!!!! AARGH! (this rant was brought to you by  Stargate Atlantis. Just... give me an hour to calm down and acknowledge that the writers don't have months to work on a single story)

*wanders off to breathe into a paper bag* 

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A quick rant before I flee back to that other computer with my workload and no internet connection.

Why are there so many authors out there *cough ffnet cough* who think it's a good idea to put an Authors Note in the middle of their fic?!? Don't they get that it breaks the story even worse then their crappy spelling and characterization ever could?

I can understand how tempting it can be sometimes to explain a certain choice you've made in a fic, or add that little joke you couldn't get to fit. 
I too have been scourging the reviews in the hope that someone asks about a certain point, just so you can explain and feel all smug about all that plotting you've been doing! (in the rare instances that I post fic that is... Ooh has a decade past already?) 
Really I get it.

I even get that in all likely hood those authors are the younger members of the fandom and we all remember the horrors we put out there when we were kids, don't we *cough Britney Spears the vampire slayer cough*

But honestly. Don't do that! Just. Don't.


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