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Big Bang submitted. Done and Done. The site was acting up and not letting me update for some extra last minute anxiety (though I bet it was a thousand times worse for the mods), but I actually ended up finishing an extra piece that I'd given up on. I think I might like it best of all, even if that one wonky line is already starting to give me heart burn.


Oct. 29th, 2009 01:24 pm
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So uhm... what's an abstract? In the fanart sense?

SGA big bang is driving me to despair. I've got one scene art piece done and I'm fairly happy about it (today at any rate). But it only touches on like 1% percent of the story (seriously so much going on!). I want to do something coverish for my second piece. I've got several ideas in wip stage and I want to run with one of them, but time is running out and I need to decide which one I can do in the (OMG so) little time that is left.
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I won the Art challenge of the month February over at [livejournal.com profile] hp_fringeart , which not only came with this awesome banner, but as it turns out an actual prize!! Whoohoo!

Click the banner to see the art or click here to see all the entries for this month.


Jan. 9th, 2009 07:15 pm
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Some more fanart. I really can't get enough of Mermaids. It's a thing.

For Shadow over Atlantis by Le Chatte Noir, which I love to death and hope will be updated soon. Cthulhu Mckay.

Clicky for blow out.

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My new years resolution is to start given people fanart. So first up we have [livejournal.com profile] sardonicsmiley  with her awesome Through the noise of the sea, which combines my favorite character (Rodney Mckay) with my favorite trope (mermaids!). As a thank you for the many, many, many (to many if I'm entirely honest and that's another new years resolution right there) hours of distraction.

Not work safe )

Clicky for the big pic
Thank you and happy new year!

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Just a doodle I did, practicing my mouse drawing (Man, I desperately want a draw pad or electronic pen or something. What's better?). Pic spoiler for S5 Brain Storm, which I er... corrected. I might do a coloring of this sometime, but the inspiration well has run dry for now.

The tease

And the real deal behind the cut )

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It's amnesty over at [community profile] sga_flashfic and I've been a productive little beaver. As it turns out Amnesty means that all old challenges are go. Who knew?

For the Documentation challenge (image)
Title: Del.icio.us R us
Rating: G
AN: I started wondering how Teyla kept track of all those people and gate adresses. Especially with all the cullings. Clearly Pegasus works on some kind of social network...

For the 7 deadly sins challenge: lust
Title: Promiscuous
Rating: PG13
Warning: Spoilers for S4.
Summary: “No, no, no, he won’t do at ALL. Check out his flabby ass. You need something firm to grab hold off.”

Disclaimer: I don't own SGA or any featured Internet services, I'm just playing with them.

And on a different note. I promise I'll finish that gang bang aftermath piece. Definitely before I leave for Peru.


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