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I finally got to see the Heroes finale and I heart it to death! 

This awesome solution to the whole BOMB issue actually occurred to me a couple of months ago and I've read at least ONE Heroes fic that ended like that (incidentally the only Heroes fic I've read, but more on that later). 
I always loved the idea and it's beyond cool that they actually went with it. Anything else would have been lame in comparison. I just never thought they'd actually have the guts to do it!

So I haven't really given Heroes fandom a chance. I don't think the show really lends itself to proper fandoming to be honest (though I know there are a lot of people that try with the Peter/Clairing). It's such an ongoing saga. I have trouble imagining stories that can stand alone from the series and I'm just not interested in a dozen interpretations of the heroes' feelings during Fallout, or whatever.  
I had the same problem with Lost, which I also loved to death for a while there.

Shows like SGA or Buffy also have continuity, but they also have stand alone stories and a murky time frame. I can buy into them having other adventures, or hell, day to day lives when were not watching. Not so much the case with the Heroes or Lost, because we seemingly see everything! (though God knows Hiro could have had a dozen adventures while they were on his lamo quest in Vegas *sigh*)

What's that  you say? Buffy battled a DINOSAUR somewhere in S5? Sure, why the hell not. 

Sayid went to the other side of the island and found forty dubloons? Er??? And when did this supposedly happen? Somewhere in the two weeks that took three months? As if.
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And I didn't even realize it was happening! 

I mean I was always skeptical about the Xander/Spike pairing, because I will never, ever buy Xander hooking up with a vampire, even if he does have that thing with the demons, but that never stopped me from reading a lot of good slash fic with quite a bit of enjoyment. 

And then came S6 which left me hating Spike with a fiery passion. 

Let's face it, Xanderfic can tragically be split up in roughly two sections: 
a) Xander/Spike slash and b) the mostly god awful overly macho Xander, who gains a superpower and shows up them eeeevil women fic (like, way to get your masculinity back people, by saying the guy hero isn't good enough without a power boost). 
There are exceptions, but they're small pickings in comparison. 

So Spike (whom I loathe) + Xander (whom I cherish) = me skulking off to the SGA fandom for a slash fix I can actually stomach. 
Basic math. I half forgot how much I love my Buffy verse til I decided to check in with [personal profile] liz_marcsWIPs for the first time in foreveh. 

So... Xander fan, no apologies, even if it does turn out I'd rather see him miserable, stressed out and alone  then having hot gratifying sex with the undead menace.
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Ubersale in town means I now have the last three seasons of Buffy on my shelf and only had to pay for two of them! Whohoo! Must stop myself from going insane in the brain and picking up Firefly, SGA season 1 and er... the net? I don't even really want those! (well, I do, but I'll be *meh* about two of them in a months time) Its true what the Undutchables claims; Dutchees are total suckers for bargains. *sigh*

Stargate Atlantis is still awesome, though my rational mind knows that my love of the show is mostly because it's such a cool fandom and there is lot's of mpreg and kidfic and around this time of the month my hormones tend to insist I like that sort of thing.

Must focus on the back reading and writing I have to do!!! Must not get carried away by my current love of astrophysicists and forget about my own perfectly good geek! Linguistics is a totally acceptable scientific avenue, no matter what Rodney might say!
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Willow: "Wow the beginning of all magic. That was deep."
Xander: "Yeah, kind of like the coma I was just in."

It's one of the funniest things I've ever read in fic. I've been trying to find the fic it came from again, but I'm having little luck. Does anyone recognize it?

There was a scene where Giles is giving an indepth explenation of the way magic entered the World.


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