Heroes S2

Oct. 18th, 2007 09:40 pm
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Now I admit, I'm easily hooked... or hard to turn off a show, whatever. (I watched almost the whole season of the Crow because I refused to just walk away. I was stabbing myself in the head with a fork, but I wasn't walking! Oh no). I've heard people complaining that Heroes is off to a slow start, but that's pretty much the norm for any show. All the excitement reaches its epoch in the season finale and then you have to start building suspense all over again. We've reached ep 4 and I'm pretty confident it'll get there.

So I'm still loving Heroes!
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I bought a pile of newspapers from 1953 for 5 euros on the free market (a lot of doubles sadly, but I can think of a few people I can make happy with a historical paper). They're mostly about a massive flooding in Holland back in the day, that killed a lot of people, so that's probably not in everyone's field of interest.

On one front page though, there's a piece stating that the Rosenberg's appeal has been denied and that they'll be executed next week. On the other side is a column ranting about those fucking commies trying to use the flooding for their Ruski propaganda. 

This was the best buy ever!

In other news: I can't wait to download the new Heroes. I saw the trailer. Looks like it'll be the coolest yet!

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if you're watching a show and someone is angsting all over the place and you find yourself screaming at the screen; "Go on you tosser! Blow your f*cking brains out!"

I was seriously hating Ianto this Torchwood... Not really liking any of them really, though Owen's growing on me (he's such a rat ;) . Computergirl's also okay on account of lack of backstory. Shape up Torchwood! I want to love you!

Heroes on the other hand is the best thing since Buffy! I was all prepared to love it on teasers alone and it's even more awesome then I hoped it would be! 

So it's hard to find a hero, unless you're a hero yourself, cuz then you'll just keep tripping all over the bastards. Poor Mohinder; You just lack evolutionary magnetism (and patience, cuz dude! He was right there!)


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