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And I feel babe-alisious in my spanking new pants! *squee*
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There was a fire in my building last night! 

One thought though; Why didn't the damn fire alarm go off before the damn corridor was completely filled up with smoke! *grrr*

And is it really eco-centric to become a little paranoid about all the scares I've been getting this month? Orange moon out tonight... Did I miss a virgin sacrifice or something?
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Today a girl on a bike plowed into me. I guess she expected me to make a mad dash across the street, while in reality I quite sensibly stepped back on the sidewalk! Since her brakes happened to fail at that exact time, we were doomed to collide. *head desk*

We had a big laugh about it, but it made me think. That's three accidents in three weeks I was directly involved in!

Clearly I am beaming my subconsious suicidal tendencies out into the world around me....
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Come on computer! I just want to play Sims2! Work with me!
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Just saved my brother about 35 bucks a month by getting rid of his unwanted sms membership. Why I remember it was just a few years ago that I taught him how to open an e-mail account of his very own! *pets big brother* Poor little technophobe.
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Right. Just summarize chapter 11. If you just do chapter 11 you can go to bed. You can ignore chapter 12 and get up early tomorow and finish the damn thing and not freak out and skip school and... okay freaking out. I SUCK at this! Doing work stuff! There are serious anxiety issues here people! *breathes*

Right. Gonna do chapter 11 now. But I just want the World to know that Jared Diamond should be put on a plane and then shot out of the sky and forced to parachute out and land on a deserted island and eat bugs and crap for the remainder of his days and NEVER WRITE ANY BOOK EVER AGAIN!
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Working on the crappiest assignment right now. Do you think anyone would notice if I threw my computer out of the window? *thumps head against wall repeatedly in hopes of braindamage*
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Last week the bus I was in, hit a car.

Just now my tram was in an accident!

No one was hurt fortunately, but for some reason I'm suddenly feeling very anxious about getting on trains...
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Okay so Lost was fun. *head desk* I'm too easily entertained.

Not as fun though as my moms birthday. This is because 

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Lost in on tonight and I couldn't care less, cuz I'm all about the doctor and Sam Tyler right now *sigh*


I want a life. Does anyone have a spare? I'll bill you the delivery charges!
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I'm right now eating a brinta-with-water breakfast, because I put off shopping. Have tons of schoolwork I have to do TODAY because I spend the TWO free day's I already had lazying about!

And all I really wanna do is go out for a walk in the snow, or play Life on Mars sims, or work on my fic. *head desk*

Must Show Self Control!
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Well I'm back from Curacao. God it's cold here! But I won't complain since at least I got to spend two weeks lounging on the beach and seeing interesting critters and climbing cool, steep mountains (well, hills really, but whatever) and that's more then any of my friends got to do. Point and case, one of them is lying flat with a nasty stomach bug... *snif*

Still don't really have time to screw around on line, but I just found out by accident that after three weeks my connection is suddenly back! Yay! Must show self control!

Just for the hell of it, a very brief; How can you recognize a Korilian story meme;

1) It never ever gets posted because I keep re-writing and re-writing and eventually give up.

2) The main character is the funny, conflicted sidekick. Rarely the hero.

3) It's big on the adopted family/ close friendship shipping. Romance is optional.

4)It's usually a crossover.

5) My antagonist gets bitchslapped just so he can overcome the odds but end the adventure with a spanking new trauma.

6) If I promised angst, it'll end up being comedy.

7) There was a fairly intelligent, interesting thought behind the story, that never quite made it into the story...

8) I don't take it out on characters I don't like, except when I'm spoofing. In that case Angel get's killed by a splinter when Buffy kicks in the door... (I was severely traumatized by the Buffy/ Angel lament *shudders*)

9) I try very, very hard to keep everyone in character.

10) Good overcomes evil and evil overcomes good.
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I'm posting this in an internet cafe in Curacao. the reason I'm doing this, rather then hanging on the beach or at the bar, is because my dad bought an internet ticket to arrange our flight home, but got the time confused and then my mom was all, 'Use the hour we paid for! e-mail your friends!'

And of course I was all, 'Uh, mom. I never e-mail my friends! I don't really e-mail, and ooh look, my account got deleted...' That's always happening to me. *sigh*.

Oh well, looks like the hour's up. Beach here I come! Later gators. Will catch up on all the fic soon.

ps. yes I'm on holliday with my parents. Like I could afford a trip to Curacao myself! Love them so much! :)
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Today was my first lesson French. My first lesson advanced University level French.

As I was listening to the teacher blathering away (in French) what was expected of us for the next few weeks, I could just picture myself sitting in that English class I could have picked, instead.
Sure, I'll read a book in English and then write a single paged review on it in English. Can I? Can I? Can I?
Will Lord of the Rings do? Read that about a dozen times.
Hell! How about I do it in German! I speak German!

But nooo! I figured it would be cool to learn a new language! Challenge myself! Your going to the university! Be braniacy!

Which brings me back to that advanced University level French class... And the fact that I don't actually speak French...

Je suis une imbecile!

But enough about me. Here's something I've been wondering about all day; If New Orleans has finally been evacuated completely, then how come my local paper is still posting interviews with people who decided to stay because they couldn't take their pets with them? Am I the only one who keeps getting this image of city officials entering the city six months down the road, only to be confronted by the independent peoples republic of Nawlins? Could hardly fault them really.


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