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I don't know what I was thinking limiting this to 5, but here's the rulez:

Pick the top 5 fics that have made a deep, unending impact on you. It can be something that made you cry, angry or happy. Just so long as it's something that really stuck!

1) Retrograde by Martha Wilson.
The fic that got me into SGA fandom. She might have quite unreasonably stopped after ONLY 16 installments, but in my head this verse never stopped.

2) A dish served cold by Kevin H. Robnet
I used to be in trek fandom and I used to be in Highlander and above all I used to be into crossovers. And dish served cold is the best of both Worlds. A clan denial story where Richie Ryan has a falling out with his mentor after he decides that instead of cutting of people's heads, he'd rather found starfleet. It's the kind of premise that can only transcend it's sillyness if you take it really, really seriously. And Robnet does.
I still consider this one of the most beloved stories even though I've kissed both fandoms goodby.

3) Break the day by Ecolea
This fic isn't going to be for everybody. After 9/11 there was a Spiderman issue that featured Marvel heroes pulling people out of the rubble. This story is a little like that. Using Methos as a trope to describe what happened. I figure the author just had to give it a place even if that place happened to be in a piece of highlander fanfic.Whatever she was thinking, for me it always instantly recalls that feeling when I turned on my tv and watched the planes fly into the towers. 

4) Stuck by Kolyaaa!
Stuck just works for me. It pulls on my heartstrings in all the right ways. Reading it is like riding a roller-coaster. Some of Astolats stories do that for me as well, but this is deliciously long and perfect for when I want to kick back and get some instant emotional gratification in small doses. I love me some cliches and Kidfic where Rodney is the kid; WIN!

5)  Logical solutions to inlogical situations by Sardonicsmiley
Yes, despite the major flounce this is still one of my all time favorites. Cuz the truth is, like Atlantis in this story, I also think Rodney Mckay is like a maltreated fluffy kitten and I just want to tuck him to my bosom and make it all better.

I could keep going. I want to keep going and share all the stories I love. Picking a top 5 was agonizing and there are stories that should have gotten a shared ranking, but thems the rules and I decided to stick with them.

If you read this Meme; Copy and share your own recs.

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'Greg has mentioned on several occasions his grandfather, whom he affectionately calls 'Papa Olaf.' He also mentions his Nana Olaf in season 6, episode 19 ("Spellbound"). She apparently possessed psychic powers, and his family believes that Greg may have inherited this ability from her. This is humorously referenced on several occasions, with Greg making a seemingly innocuous comment, which later either occurs or is referenced. Ironically, Greg is never present when these discoveries are made, and nobody ever seems to notice as well."

PSYCHIC POWERS! HUMOROUSLY REFERENCED PSYCHIC POWERS!!! Your show has CANON humorously psychic powers! And not only can I not find ANY clip outtakes on Youtube. There doesn't in fact seem to be ANY fiction that ran with this like Usain Bolt!!!

(also every single character bio of Greg Sanders, on every website, appears to be the same one pasted and copied. How lazy can you get?!?)

So in conclusion; You FAIL as a fandom CSI! FAIL!

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Fanfic tropes I hate or just dislike with a fiery passion

Song fic: Like Nansi_Alexander so eloquently said in this awesome badfic entry; "It is also NOT a song fic, even though there are some song lyrics here, but that is not because they are like, SINGING, it is because they are about Best Friends which is what John and Rodney are, only not exactly, because they are totally soul mates only I couldn't find a song about soul mates so I had to use this one, which kind of sucks, only not because I guess they're friends too."
That sums it up quite nicely.

Poetry fic: There are only two characters in my fandoms I can easily buy writing poetry. Spike and Sheppard!
...Sheppard you say? Look it's obvious. He's totally, secretly a fourteen year old goth girl, who can't talk about his feelings, so he writes these great angsty poems in his secret diary, that no one ever gets to read, except maybe Rodney when they're both drunk. Only Rodney totally  mocks him for it, so then John has to listen to black sabbath and cut himself... What? That could totally happen!

But really, I'll belief a lot if you sell it right. And If you do insist on having your characters act like beatniks, just tell us they're doing it. There's no need to post the actual poems, because I sure as hell ain't gonna read them (but I will concede I'm biased, cuz  well... I just don't care for poetry)

The What if Series rewrites: This trope I don't really despise as such. It just keeps disappointing me in crushing ways. Usually the authors have a really promising plot bunny. Adam Pierson is found to be immortal and send to Sunnydale to help the slayer! Rodney is a fucked up Sentinel oh noes! Sheppard can whistle the national anthem through his nose!
The fun in this trope is to see how things will turn out now, with these radically different characters and backgrounds. And again and again the answer is... exactly the same fucking way.  For some reason the authors never seem brave enough to stop slavishly following the episode plots. The worst of these offenders even seem to be copying lines directly from transcripts!
Nothing changes. Their cool revamped characters hardly make a difference, even when they clearly should. And it pisses me off, because the little bits of original fiction that do sneak in there tend to be awesome.

Seriously, If I want to read a what if story where nothing fucking changes, I'll just pick my Wicked Willow series of the shelf.
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Every now and then someone will do this awesome request on [profile] sgastoryfinders  that leaves me gasping and going, "OMG, that sounds awesome! I've GOT to read that!" Only to find out that it's from the surfacing zines.

It never ceases to amuse me that even though we'll mass download and share the actual shows itself, I've yet to see anyone sneaking around illegal copies of the zines. I guess that proofs there's honor amongst thieves or something. I don't want people to go sharing them. These stories were written by some of the best authors in SGA fandom and quite frankly the price might just be worth it.

I wouldn't know. I'm not yet desperate enough to pay 55 euro's to read fanfic. Getting there though...


Sep. 3rd, 2007 01:13 pm
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Just wandered past a minor keruffle, over the right to write humor fic. Presumably the conclusion was: "Yes, but not about this, because this is personal to me."

Now I have commented negatively on a fic that freaked me out badly in my own journal. I Flocked it, because yes it is a bit of a shitty thing to do maybe. The fact of the matter is, I totally reserve the right to bitch about stuff that disturbs me in the privacy of my own journal. 

But at the end of the day, my opinion is just that. One single opinion! And not even a really impressive one! I mean, I'll never be president of my country. I'll never rule NATO despite my claims to the contrary. Hell, on a good day I can barely function without a personal assistant (which I dont' have, but really, really need. If anyone is interested in the position I'll pay in chocolate and puppies and I offer great dental). I can't stop you writing whatever the hell you feel like. I certainly don't want to!

And having said that. For God sakes people. Stop taking yourself so seriously! It never ends well.

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I know there's already been a lot of discussion on LJ about critical reviewing.

I've always been firmly in the camp that a critical review can be a great writers tool. I welcome critical reviews (not that I write a lot, but more on that later) and when I get critical, I try very hard to give tips and explain what didn't really work, without being mean (even if sometimes I just want to bash my head through the computer screen to put me out of my misery).

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Brought to you by Christopher Judge (Teal'c) and Micheal Shanks (Daniel). Being Stargate guys, a lot of the girls are from the show as well.... That and Andromeda?!?... yikes!

Seriously though. The cover has some scantily clad hoe on it! (don't recognize her, but maybe someone else will). What's up with that?!?! I like my SciFi woman because they tend to be strong, smart, witty or failing that just awesome viper pilots! What's with the female de-powerment homes? 

The rest of the pictures are more artsy sexy, then sleazy though, so check it out!

And better still, 2008 promises a Men in SciFi calender as well. It better feature David Hewlett! Scantilly dressed. In make-up. Hubba hubba.
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Right. Robin Hood... Gah! I can't take it! And I'm not even talking about the weird camera angles! Or the barely concealed double message about the war on terror that's supposed to appeal to the grown ups!

I'm talking about the man love! The not even a little concealed slashiness of this show!

My brain just literally keeps melting every time Munch is nearly in tears, because his master no longer loves him like he loved him in the holy lands (they were so doing it! And Munch dear; He's not giving it to you anymore because the total absolution clause is only valid while fighting in the crusade. Also this part of the journey is doomed to be PG...)

My mom actually gave me a disapproving glare because she thought I was freaking out over the gayness, in a "Did I raise my daughter as a bigot" way. (obviously she doesn't know how much gay porn I read ;).

I figure my problem with the show is this: Fandom is a subtle place... No wait, I'm not saying that wrong. Fandom is a digital paradise where we may indulge in sex pollen, angst and orgies... Canon is subtle! It's always the fans that decide that the team mates/ coppers/ best friends are either pining for each other or having big gay sex in the back of their cars (unless it's SGA where there are no cars, or the Sentinel, where there is no backseat, but a loft).

Munch being rammed down our throats with his, "I've been a pushy bottom for the past five years act." Is just sucking all the fandom glee right out of me! I'm gonna take a stand and say, ambiguity yay!
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Today a friend dupped my relation with a guy I'm dating as; FriCo... I have become my own fandom! Hope there's no slash involved... unless I get to watch...

In other news. Stargate Atlantis rocks! I finally get it! *swoons over Rodney*


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