May. 7th, 2009

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I was reading about parents that don't realize their 12 year old is chatting with pedophiles and I wondered if our generation would be better prepared to keep our children safe. At the very least we're far more Internet savvy then our own parents. I know how to check the browser history at any rate. I know about passwords. Hell I even know about keystroke logging (although that might be crossing the line between protection and privacy).

It also got me wondering about my own experiences. Did I see stuff I wasn't ready to see? Probably not, but those were different times. I didn't really get into the interwebz until I was 16 and I mostly used it to look up Buffy stuff (although there was one incident in a sex chatroom a couple of years before that, which was terribly exiting. Not unlike making prank calls to sex lines. I wonder if they warned parents about that :)

My first forays into Fandom was Buffy. It took me a while longer to discover this thing called fanfiction and some time longer I'm sure, to discover slash. I didn't start reading Xanderfic (which is mostly porn or worse; mysogonic crap) until season 4, which made me about ninteen anyhow.
My sister was a neo hippy with gay friends and my parents are wonderfully liberal, so all that had been part of my accepted World view since I was thirteen. It looks like I reached adulthood, innocence firmly intact (and quite probably a lot more innocent then most kids that age).

Did fanfiction skew my views on sexuality? I think it did, but mostly it made me more open minded about sex and relationships (especially Glt), without actually making me want to try out all of it for myself. (I won't be doing no sado scenes, unless I'm the one holding the whip ;)

Did fanfiction make me bi? Well, if it did, thats alright. I suspect my underlying distrust of men has more to do with the extremely volitile relationship I had with my brother growing up though.

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It's interesting, lately whenever I go googling for stuff like gayness, feminism or whatnot I end up on this Dutch/Maroccan forum.
While a lot (but not all of them) tend to be awfully conservative from my point of view I find it interesting to see how they try to fit Dutch society with Islam. We talk so much about muslims, but we rarely listen, unless it's the extremists talking.


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