Sep. 27th, 2007

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So here  am wearing my cute little designer outfit (how can I afford designer clothes you ask? I can't. I get to wear them for work. Whee!). I think the pen stripes on MY FACE might spoil the effect a little though. *head desk*

First Intensive Spanish lesson this week. It's fun (so far). We get taught some basic Spanish and are then expected to speak it for three hours straight.

On the General criminal badass fic front: SG1 has only just arrived in Pegasus and I'm already getting stuck on things I'll have to rewrite. I think it might be best to just wrestle on and write the rest of the fic like It's already been fixed. If I don't I'll get stuck writing endless versions and never make the deadline... hell, it'll never get posted. I wish I could shut off my damn brain sometimes.
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OH MY G... actually that one isn't really appropriate for the subject matter.

I thought the Out There comic was Christian propaganda (I'm sorry, I mean a comic suitable for Christian youth). But no, the real deal can be found at Chicks publications: publishing Gospel literture for 40 years!

Clicky, clicky, it has out takes.

For a special discount you can get 19 comics, teaching you which bible hasn't been tampered with by Satan. That playing D&D will teach you real magic (which is clearly awesome). That evolution is a filthy lie!  And just what those druid priests are planning with their armies of witches and politicians (undermine Christians with rock music, in case you were wondering. You better burn those records!). 

I especially love how they called their hero's the crusaders. Now there's a pair of fine men to have around when you get possessed. 

My favourite: the KGB prostitute that finds Christ. Sure she ends up in a Gulag, but they'll see her in heaven.

MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN SAVED BY READING THESE BOOKS! I kid you not. Now excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth a little.


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